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  1. mcbbvb


    I received the email around 30 min after I placed the order. It also includes the Easter egg which didn't show in the cart.
  2. mcbbvb

    10264 Corner Garage

    You cannot compare official prices with discounted prices. You don't know what the price of this set will be after a couple of years. You can only compare the price of this set with the official price of AS when it came out. It's still more expensive than AS but less than the picture you are painting.
  3. mcbbvb

    10264 Corner Garage

    The white part is used in the petrol pump island. You can find it here:
  4. mcbbvb

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So PeePee? Not sure if that is what LEGO wants. But these abbreviations are from the LEGO community, no? Not directly from LEGO.
  5. mcbbvb

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Is there maybe a possibility that the new WV set they wanted to make was delayed due of build problems (or another problem) and that they were near the deadline so they quickly re-released the Toy Shop? So maybe Grogall was never wrong but the new set never passed so they couldn't release it (yet).
  6. Not to be rude or anything but how is this awesome? The minifigure is still the same only now we know for sure what LEGO intended. Whatever LEGO intended with the minifigure you can use it the way you want. If you want it to be a minifigure being eaten use it like that. If you want it to be a costume then use it accordingly.
  7. mcbbvb

    Winter Village 10235 Winter Village Market

    Not really big news but this Dutch shop is labeling this set Lego Vintage Market instead of Winter Village: http://www.brickshop....html?Itemid=56
  8. mcbbvb

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Just bought a new in box LEGO Death Star (10188) for €180 (around $230)
  9. mcbbvb

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    15. Legolegolegolego - 2 18. Priovit70 - 2 33. vecchiasignoraceppo - 1
  10. I assume this will not be available in the Dutch S@H?
  11. Sounds great! Thanks for the info GRogall!
  12. 1. castor-troy - 1 4. gotoAndLego - 1 9. alois - 1 14. alex54 - 1 33. CarsonBrick - 1
  13. 10. LegoJalex - 1 11. mObby - 1 15. Oky - 1 16. Sid Sidious - 1 24. Bernd - 1
  14. 12. Moctown - 3 7. Kit Fisto - 1 10. CarsonBrick - 1
  15. mcbbvb

    Winter Village 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    I like all the different street lights. Off course in a village it looks weird when every street light is different but I like it to see what different technique they used this year instead of the same technique for every set.