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  1. gogocar

    Lego Star Wars: MOC Battle of kashyyyk

    You should try to recreate the scene of Yoda decapitating the clones.
  2. gogocar

    [MOC] One more pass...

    Ecxellent work, Stardusty. Yet another amazing MOC! The snowspeeder is awesome, but don't you think that AT-AT's head is a bit oversized compared to the body?
  3. gogocar

    MOC: T-72 / T-80 Soviet Main Battle Tank

    Wow, this is awesome. This is the best lego t-72 I've ever seen. The turret is fantastic, all very smooth. Nice job.
  4. gogocar

    [MOC] 1:120 X-wing

    What can I say, Stardusty. This is just awesome. Very nicely done. This is the best mini X-wing I've seen in my entire life. I'm looking forwrad to your minifig scale one. Based on the WIP I saw at your place, you are telling the truth: It's really going to be the most accurate one.. ever!
  5. gogocar

    [MOC] (micro) Steampunk Walkers Attack!

    Wow, this is awesome. Very well done. Thanks for this excelent MOC, Mood .
  6. gogocar

    [MOC] A Slice of Kashyyyk

    Ehm, I'm having a little trouble here. I can't open any of the Mocpages pages. It says that the document doesn't contain any data. Am I the only one with this problem or what?
  7. gogocar

    Track elements

    Thanks everybody for your help! I found them. Greetings, gogocar.
  8. Hello Lego fellows! Sorry for opening a new topic, but I couldn't figure out where to ask this. I'm trying to find these two parts: Part 3711 Technic, Link Chain and Part 3873 Technic, Link Tread I don't know if the first one exists in LDD, but I saw the second one in this topic. I have unlocked LDD extended, but I just can't find them. I'm a n00b, so forgive me for this.
  9. gogocar

    REVIEW: 3677 Red Cargo Train

    Excellent review, Brickviller. The train is very nice, the loco looks good, you get some interesting pieces ; it is playable, which is good for kids, but the sticker behind the hatch is just lame . Also I don't like the de-evolution of the hopper/ballast wagon. Just look at that ugly giant piece. That's not Lego. Just remember the beautiful 10017. Ah, good times. Anyway, thanks for the review.
  10. gogocar

    Review: 7879 Hoth Echo Base

    Good review, StoutFiles. However, I am very disappointed. The set sucks! It's made for little kids, it's terrible. The only thing good are the figs, but I don't like the new Leia. You get a tauntaun, but we've seen it before. There are some interesting pieces, but it doesn't make up for the awfulness of the set. At least we have The Battle of Endor... TLG, what were you thinking? ... What were you thinking?
  11. gogocar

    Eurobricks Spaghetti Western Competition

    Thanks for the answer, Bonaparte, but I was trying to figure out this: UCS Imperial Shuttle, price in the US (USA S@H) 260 USD ~ 180 Euros - doesn't exceed the 200 Euro budget UCS Imperial Shuttle, price in Germany (German S@H) 260 Euros - exceeds the 200 Euro budget It doesn't seem fair that someone who lives in the US is able to get this set, and someone who lives in Germany isn't. Also, if you live in country which doesn't have any S@H channels, from which country's S@H are you going to take the prices, German's or US'?
  12. gogocar


    Nice work, SAN. Simple, but it looks really awesome. It's all in the details. Keep up the good work.
  13. gogocar

    Eurobricks Spaghetti Western Competition

    One question. If you win the first prize (200 Euros, which is 280 USD), and you want the UCS Imperial Shuttle, which costs 260 USD in the US, but also costs 260 Euros, for example, in Germany. However, you live in a country which hasn't got any S@H channels. Will you be able to get it?
  14. gogocar

    Emerald Night Fix

    According to this topic, no modifications and extra parts are necessary, but it's crucial that you put the opposite wheels in such a position so the pins are 90° apart each other. But, since I dont own the actual train, I'm asking will this solve the problem because I find it hard to believe that so many people encountered this problem, although it's clearly pointed out in the instructions how you need to put the wheels.
  15. gogocar

    Solid Gold C3PO question

    Wow, that's awesome. But I need proof. A picture, please?