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  1. Hard to tell with lightning. That is my hope because it opens the door to a supercar in medium blue.
  2. Medium azure is too light. It is either medium blue or dark azure.
  3. Looks like
  4. If that rally car is medium blue, it has several key parts which didn't exist.
  5. Indeed it is! It is very impressive the time frame all of these were built as well. Or buy a bunch of orange parts again! I look forward to building this after the Veneno which I will be starting in the next few days after I catalogue the GT first.
  6. [MOC] Class 1 unlimited buggy

    Looks like its a blast to drive! It looks faster to me, and I'm only going by memory but I think it may be faster than the deadly nightshade. Count me in to build this when instructions / photo sequence are released!
  7. General Part Discussion

    Thanks! I believe only four are very visible but I will need to look through instructions again to verify. Either way, I will need to make a decision how to buy them but I am very happy it is has been released creating this problem!
  8. General Part Discussion

    Oh happy days! BnP's usually doesn't offer new pieces for awhile so may need to buy several of these sets. I don't think I have ever bought creator Anyone know set number and release date?
  9. I think one buwizz is enough. Two L motors on two separate inputs, steering on a third and lights on forth. Unfortunately buwizz still needs some work on there software. There is no lights on/ off switch yet. I haven't used the buwizz much because of the limitations they have had so I haven't tested three sliders. I have seen people using SBrick and buwizz as battery so that may be an option.
  10. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    Unfortunately many of these super cars have something that is a bit rare. You can try and find a 8461 to use as a donor set?
  11. Acura NSX GT3 Type R

    Maybe its a brand new nsx!
  12. I would have assembled this with the blue pins reversed so they can be removed. Then you can wiggle the T liftarm/ gear and white connector until the 4L stop axle is slightly sticking out from the frame piece. Then using a fingernail or maybe brick separator you can nudge it a bit further so you can physically grab it.
  13. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    Would be interesting to see in red. Some rare parts to consider. qty. 2 14L flex axles, qty.5 #5 & 6 panels. I would change the orange bits to another colour as well.
  14. [MOC] Class 1 unlimited buggy

    I look forward to seeing the smaller ones performance and hopefully the instructions over the winter!