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  1. technic_addict

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader V3

    Picture of change?
  2. technic_addict

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader V3

    @Jurgen Krooshoop I finished this several days ago and overall I am very happy with the looks and functions. Having not built any of your previous backhoe loaders, I can only give my feedback on this one. Some pictures of yellow version with my version of wheels. My biggest problem with your model is the geometry of the front loader. As @jorgeopesi was questioning the position of the bucket when the linear actuator are contracted, it is horizontal and it can't rotate upwards. When you have a load, you can only lift the entire loader bucket to keep the contents in the bucket. The 42030 allows the bucket rotate upwards a bit. I also find the drive to be too fast and a little difficult to control. It is very easy to pop wheelies. The outriggers can lift the model up but doesn't add stability. It would be nice if the outriggers swung out like a real backhoe. Since your video didn't include the loader in action, I have done a short video showing it in action and its inability to rotate loader bucket upwards. Overall, I am very happy with the results, but I believe it would be amazing if the loader bucket could rotate upwards.
  3. CADA is 2.4 GHZ and Buwizz is Bluetooth so I don't see any way CADA would work with Buwizz.
  4. Jim, Thanks for the brief overview of the remote. Do you plan to do a full review of this product? I am most concerned about what happens with the battery under load or more specifically, how much voltage and amps can it drive per connection and overall? Buwizz really shined in this regard for powering buggy motors and I am curious if these can do the same.
  5. You can easily swap 7 of them which was discussed a little earlier.
  6. technic_addict

    [MOC] 1960s Corvettes

    Your collection is awesome! It would really stand out if you swapped the LBG for chrome.
  7. Very nice video and the scenery is excellent for the buggy. I gasped when it looked like it had a tumble at one point, it is a long way down! Having built his Class 1 unlimited with buggy motor conversion which I believe you did, any plans to do that here? The scale may be too small?
  8. technic_addict

    Horrible looking mold marks on brand new panels

    That wave is the weld line where the plastic joins together from two or more directions. My panels look the same and black is just more visible than other colours.
  9. I had it done awhile ago but I was waiting for chrome parts which I would like to thank Bubul Chrome Parts for providing me excellent quality parts. I hope you don't mind but I had made some small changes. I added flat tiles to the doors which I think looks cleaner. I added a 1x3 thin liftarms in the back under the wing so the orange flex axle sits properly in place now. I also used a red flex axle instead of trans clear bars although I am not the first to do this. Thank-you for a wonderful model Bruno.
  10. Interesting product. I would like to see how it works under load, that is where Buwizz shines.
  11. technic_addict

    Remake Edition of Laferrari

    Excellent job reverse engineering the car from the original. In my opinion, reverse engineering a car and posting free instructions is fair game. Bruno made this for a client so he is not responsible if someone can do what you have done.
  12. Its a unique piece which I don't think is easy to replicate. I would just buy the piece.
  13. it would be a shame but understandable. Another possible solution is to offer instructions on a one by one basis and get information to whom you are selling to. I know it is much more work but it should help. It still may not stop them as they may just reverse engineer from pictures.
  14. I'm sorry this kind of thing has happened to you and many other builders. Some of the photos on the video seem to look like yours. Maybe you have video removed for copyright infringement?
  15. technic_addict

    Problem with RC buggy Motors

    Sbrick instead of V2. I believe LiPo or AAA battery pack is better than using AA pack. Buwizz instead of everything above.