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  1. If you are asking me, I believe I cut about a 1/2" off the extra 16L tube. You just need enough removed so the door can open. No, it is not possible with the Bugatti. Body parts are attached completely separate from each other directly to the frame.
  2. Thanks @jb70 for improved door mechanism. I applied it and it works quite well. I also applied similar to @ttoobbyy continuous grey rigid hose along the bottom. Gear indicator / switch works perfectly. Moving the car while switching seems seamless and there doesn't seem to be much lag in piston movement. pic of my rigid hose on door. I will order dark azure 1x8 tile to replace the 2 1x4's shown currently. No stickers applied.
  3. Amazing B model! Not something I am interested in, but nonetheless it's an accomplishment using only specific parts.
  4. technic_addict

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Iconic car and superb job replicating it. One area which has been pointed out is the sudden 1 stud drop from roof line to rear which would look much better if improved upon. I it otherwise. Too bad I can't build it. It would look amazing next to @jorgeopesi F40.
  5. In fast or ludicrous mode, I would say Yes. In normal mode, one is sufficient.
  6. It will work, however it can overload. Under stall conditions 4 L motors can generate ~48W which is more than the buwizz spec of 45W. I am not sure if anyone has actually measured and tested buwizz to verify their claimed specifications as of yet. 1 buwizz can handle 4 L's and a servo in normal mode but can overload in fast mode as you can see in the video which @kbalage did above which doesn't even include a servo. The buwizz seems to handle a lot of current per channel but not a lot if all channels are being used. At 45W it is only 1.22 A / channel at 9.2V
  7. technic_addict

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    The yellow springs are not soft, they are hard springs like the red ones so I'm not sure you actually improved the front suspension. The shifting mechanism can be problematic. Some have had no issues while others have had issues. I can offer no help here except to say if you want a reliable mechanism, you will likely have to redesign it.
  8. technic_addict

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    A pillars seem fine, the C pillars seem to vertical compared to real car.
  9. The shocks @metulskie8 used look too large for the front but look nice in the back. If the modification to use them in the back is straight forward, I would certainly use it. @Didumos69 I think some people will struggle to build this because of the high cost of the springs. I wonder if adding a bush (or two) to the spring could eliminate half of them?
  10. @metulskie8 How much modification did you have to make to make those springs work? Can you take a photo a little further out to see how they look?
  11. awesome job @kbalage surprising speed from just two L's.
  12. Did you try one spring with a half bush and one spring unchanged?
  13. Why not post some pictures of the mod?