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  1. I guess wallet safe. I am trying to order a couple of them but when I checkout with paypal it keeps adding the VAT even though I live in Canada. Not a great system setup.
  2. Is there any visible difference between buwizz 1.0 and 2.0? I have a couple 1.0's but I am debating buying a couple more 2.0's. Assuming they look the same so would need to careful not to mix them up?
  3. Far left looks best to me. Seems like nice alternative for people wanting to build.
  4. Thanks I sprayed some into a ceramic bowl and used a Q-tip to apply on surfaces. Seemed a lot neater solution than trying to spray everywhere.
  5. @Didumos69 can you check the rotation of your turn table? My turntable with no WD40 PTFE spray spins freely several revolutions, after the spray, it doesn't spin freely and at most does one revolution. I am just holding one side and flicking the other side with my finger to spin it.
  6. Are the bodies between the manual and RC the same? I would consider swapping orange and white at some point.
  7. technic_addict

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    yes, it looks like it has the 90 deg connector with axles.
  8. technic_addict

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The headlights on the Porsche looks alot like the rare piece on Dugalds and Jeroens Aston Martin.
  9. @brunojj1 you have created an amazing moc; however, unfortunately you have used the perfect storm of a piece for the exhaust. No equivalent and low stock at the time, which is completely gone now. I know you are working on the RC version instructions right now, and with no stock of the 6797 piece, have you considered trying to redesign that area? I have already built your amazing moc, but I know some people including myself, if pieces don't exist or too cost prohibitive to buy I don't build it. I would hate to see all that effort put into the RC instructions only to have people upset that they can't actually build it. The exhaust piece you used was ingenious and perfect for that car so it should still be included but maybe an alternative for the people who can't get it?
  10. I am glad I asked before snapping all the turntables together, I did snap one but decided to proceed with questions before continuing with the instructions. I will give the WD40 PTFE spray a go and get back into the build in a couple of days.
  11. I am sure you mentioned it during your build but I have forgotten, did you use silicone and or WD40 PTFE during all your testing? I recall the smaller hubs becoming looser at one point but maybe you used no lubricant at that time? One additional question, is it easy to spray inside the turntable after it is assembled (through holes and rotating) or is better to apply the lubricant before assembly?
  12. @Didumos69 is there a difference or what is the reasoning for choosing WD40 PTFE over a silcone spray? I noticed WD40 mentions not to spray on Polycarbonate and although the plastic is most likely ABS it might be a PC/ABS mix. I don't if there are any long term effects?
  13. technic_addict

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Pretty sure it's a hole with 1L axle which already exists.