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  1. technic_addict

    Large Technic Super cars MOC sale

    Still many amazing models left. I have updated the list with additional sold one.
  2. technic_addict

    General Part Discussion

    The end could be broken or cut off. the 1-01 and 2-01 is just a mold designation from which cavity it was molded to track down problems if they arise. Most molds make many pieces at once so without the cavity # it would make finding issues with one part very difficult.
  3. technic_addict

    Large Technic Super cars MOC sale

    List has been updated with some that have sold. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  4. technic_addict

    Large Technic Super cars MOC sale

    I have updated the list with sold sets.
  5. Jim has allowed me to link the thread I created in the buy and sell forum here to get a little more visibility.
  6. I have been a very large Technic collector and builder for several years now mainly focusing on Super Cars and Buggies but with a heavy heart, I have decided to sell most of my Technic collection. Although I have a very large collection of parts, this thread will only focus on the super cars and vehicles for sale. I also have several construction vehicles which I may add to the list. All Lego is authentic. I would say 99%+ was built with like new condition pieces. I believe most cars were built as per instructions but many have slight esthetical improvements in my view. All vehicles are built and would be shipped built. Instructions are NOT included but should be available for purchase from the original designer if required. Shipping is extra and all prices are in Canadian. Sbricks, LiPo's, Buwizz's available to purchase separately. 1) Predator Supercar $215 - includes Orange chrome wheels. 2) **SOLD**Porsche 919 Hybrid $250 3) Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 DTM - bodywork "AMG" $400 - manual version - sticker pack applied - wheel caps are not included in the price but are available for an extra $70 4) McLaren P1 hypercar $875 - manual version - lots of chrome throughout including wheels, rare exhaust, engine area, rear engine cover area **SOLD** 5) Lamborghini Veneno Roadster - 50th Anniversary Pirelli Edition $700 - chrome exhaust - stick pack applied 6) Lamborghini Countach LP400 $275 - chrome wheels and exhaust - several mods to make it much better looking 7) Lamborghini Centenario $600 - chrome wheels and exhaust - only electronics included are the motors with wiring routed into battery area. 8) Koenigsegg One:1 $350 - includes chrome titanium wheels and exhaust area 9) ICARUS Supercar $375 - no batteries or sbricks included. I have had this working with V2 receivers, sbricks and buwizz. 10) Honda RA 300 $250 - no electronics at all - front grey wheels are spray painted to try to replicate the rear wheels. - sticker pack applied **SOLD** 11) FORD GT $825 - chrome wheels and exhaust - sbrick included 12) Ferrari F40 $500 - chrome exhause - some red #44 connectors subbed when it didn't affect the look. 13) Deadly Nightshade Off-Road Buggy in yellow $450 - two yellow 5x11 panels at side of car are now black. - fully working buggy motors, receiver and controller 14) class 1 unlimited buggy with buggy motor conversion $500 - buggy motor conversion - tractor tires - no buwizz included - no extra tractor tire (5th tire) 15) BMW M4 DTM - Post - RC $650 - 4 XL motor version - sticker pack applied - wheel caps are not included in the price but are available for an extra $70 - no batteries, no receivers, no controllers. - extra wire added from passenger seat into truck so it can run on two buwizz (not included) **SOLD** 16) Aston Martin Vantage GT3 $750 - no pneumatics included - no batteries 17) 4WD RC Buggy (greyhound) in yellow $700 - rare yellow body parts - no battery included **SOLD** 18) Ferrari FXX Supercharged V12 RED $425 - sticker pack applied - chrome exhaust 19) Hennessey Venom GT Spyder $525 - chrome exhaust and turbos - no chain for steering wheel - no sbrick, no batteries
  7. technic_addict

    [WIP] RC Off-roader w/ Dual Diagonal Drive

    Very odd noise. In the video of the car driving it sounds like something is fluctuating. The only thing I can think of is if you have multiple U-joints, are they aligned properly? Or perhaps; some of the gear / drive train in 4th gear is not solid. That however seems unlikely knowing how you build everything solid.
  8. technic_addict

    Technic Pub

    To crush them all of course!!
  9. technic_addict

    Technic Pub

    We often meet at Boston Pizza in Vaughan, Ontario but yesterday we were invited to host a Lego Supercar show so we brought a few from our collection. Not sure I have seen this many supercars lined up like this!
  10. Members who have their IP stolen should come together and hire a lawyer on their behalf to send an official complaint and to have everything removed. It may work it may not, but TLG has won some cases of infringement.
  11. Thanks @Didumos69 Not quite as nice looking on the outside of the wheel so I will stick with your original method for now.
  12. technic_addict

    LEGO Technic Supercar Auction

    It is always nice to read stories like this. I have no idea what the supercar is but I look forward to seeing it. Have the both of you considered making instructions and selling those instead of the actual vehicle? Much more work but it may yield much more money for charity in the long run.
  13. technic_addict

    Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2

    I believe the contest is looking for '67 and this is '65 He has built a very nice Eleanor mustang which he should enter though.
  14. technic_addict

    Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2

    Simply awesome! I think overall it's your best creation to date and absolutely wonderful replica of the real car. You really captured the look of the car while still including elements of your own unique building style. It might be worth taking a few pictures with chrome swapped with LBG or Grey for potential builders who don't want or can't afford the chrome.
  15. technic_addict

    Cutting panels (heresy)

    Not sure how I feel about this but a build I am doing requires a specific color which has a couple panels missing. Can you describe how you did this? Specifically the very clean cut and no file marks.