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  1. Amazing job even more so being a "C" model. Overall shaping is excellent....the angle of the back of the wings turned out amazing, was that difficult to maintain along the entire length of the wing?
  2. Lamborghini Centenario

    The gap looks much less now! I flipped between the pictures and can't really see the different look between them.
  3. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    I would a closed supercar in medium blue or dark azure. I have made a spreadsheet of all Technic parts in both colours and it will be a challenge. Both colours are lacking in certain areas. Dark azure has more panels. Medium blue has more connectors. I look forward to the final results.
  4. Aesthetics and Technics

    @Didumos69 you seem frustrated which is ok but I believe using the word "showing off" is not the terminology I would use. Let me first say that your contribution on improvement on 42056 was absolutely invaluable. I believe many people praised you for your work on that. I personally followed that thread very closely and my Porsche stayed sealed until you released the errata. So thank-you again for all of the time and effort you spent on the 42056. I don't hide the fact that I display my models and esthetics are the most important factor for me. I am in the engineering field, yet while I appreciate the mechanics of models, that is not as impressive for me. I am amazed with some of the things people create but it is short lived. It doesn't matter if people agree or not with me. I will build what I like and praise what I like. If mechanical functions are most important for you, continue with that! Do what you enjoy and love. If you are looking more exposure, you may need to analyze what the masses want. Hopefully you can find what you are looking for and still build with enjoyment. I also agree with @Sariel that we should not separate the forum any further.
  5. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    I look forward to your progress and what kind of supercar you dream up!
  6. Lamborghini Centenario

    IMO, if you wanted to scale it perfect I would not change anything with the wheel base or L of the car. I notice many of your builds look "stubby" and this one looks excellent.
  7. Lamborghini Centenario

    Like a broken record......superb job again! Having seen this in person awhile back, I was waiting for the long awaited release and final product! Few observations as noted above and I noticed a bit of large gap when behind the vehicle looking into the door. Might be the angle or you just couldn't get the door closer? Visible 0:50 - 0:53, 1:16 - 1:19. IMO, this is your first Lambo which looks the most accurate from the side view. Great job! I look forward to building it! After the Venano....and Ford GT.....and NSX......and Chiron...
  8. Holes in Technic MOCs

    IMO this particular model looks much better in pictures than in front of you. I was not very impressed when I saw it. You also had to be careful not to breath in its direction because pieces would fall off.
  9. Holes in Technic MOCs

    This subject has been brought up before and most people either prefer one style over another.
  10. [MOC] Ferrari 458 Spider

    Thanks for sharing. Pity no instructions.
  11. Excellent C model.
  12. Decisions, decisions. Which to build now?! Thanks for making a non-PF version.
  13. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    I like the colour scheme, black on orange may have popped even more! The instructions did have some pieces in the wrong order resulting in problematic assembly. I had built another super car just before that which had similar issues so I was able to make it work without much problems by changing the order of pieces. I do agree that the paddle shifter was an accomplishment, unfortunately for me one side doesn't work. I had no inclination to take it all apart to try and fix it though.
  14. I enjoy building the intricate mechanisms and have little interest in seeing them after that. I know how they work after it is built. I have all models I build on display and only build the ones I want to display. So I prefer the closed body design.