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    [MOC] ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

    Thank you, I'm definitely tempted to do a redesign that has a more coherent colour scheme since my selection of parts has grown. ^_^ Truth be told while taking the black and white photos I just wanted to downplay the rainbow warrior nature of the build. Only thought about the in universe lore explanation after the fact.
  2. This is a model based on Draez's model. I came across his brickshelf folder sometime in 2006. As soon as I saw the available LDR files I knew I had to build the model. What ensued was my first and only large scale lego project. I learnt the basics of ldraw to make out the construction and found a lot of clipping sections and parts that I did not have access to, so I changed quite a few things internally both to substitute parts and improve stability while still trying to maintain the shaping. About a year later I was done with model and since 2008 the strike freedom has stood on my shelf. Its missing 4 of its 8 dragoon and the colour scheme makes no sense but I'm quite proud of it. I'll be moving this year, so I thought that I'd take a few photos and share them before I packing it.
  3. Mehul

    The Best Lego Super Car Technicopedia by Blakbird is a great resource.
  4. Mehul

    [MOC] Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A

    Absolutely love how youve got the armour shifting when you articulate the limbs. And those wings! Its a beautiful sight to behold.
  5. Mehul


    Damn. Really awesome.
  6. Mehul

    [MOC] Project Transformers Breastforce /Liokaiser

    Amazing job. As others pointed out the head is very well done. And ofcourse great gob on the transformation!
  7. Mehul

    [MOC] Isometric Alphabet

    Thanks! Yeah I kept the build as simple as possible since the bricks I had access to at the time were a bit limited.
  8. Hey guys first post here, just wanted to share a this. I'm rather satisfied with how it turned out. [Warning shameless self promotion] And if you guys like it drop by the project's behance page if you want. [Warning shameless self promotion] Also hope this was the right forum to post this. Apologies if I picked the wrong one.