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    <p> My favourite LEGO theme is Superheroes and Harry Potter. I’ve recently bought the LEGO Hogwarts castle. </p>

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    LEGO, YouTube, Instagram, Brickfilming, LEGO DC & Marvel, Piano, Creating MOC's, LEGO Ideas.


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  1. Foxes Productionz

    [MOC] Stranger Things

    Thank you, I appreciate the kind words!! It's really cool for someone else to pick apart the set, knowing where different pieces originated from. I think Nancy could use a new mould for her hair, as well as some new hat hair combos for Dustin and Hopper, but otherwise I'm quite happy with how they turned out. Thanks! I don't think it's necessarily wire lattice but that LEGO piece seemed to best represent it. Here's an image off the building for reference- Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the builds and parts usage As @Digger of Bricks has already said the nature of the show and its mature content and themes are the reason the set was not accepted. Here are the LEGO Ideas guidelines: Politics and political symbols, campaigns, or movements Religious references including symbols, buildings, or people Sex, nudity, drugs, or smoking Alcohol in any present day situation Swearing or profanity Death, killing, blood, terrorism, horror, or torture First-person shooter video games Warfare or war vehicles in any modern or present-day situation, or national war memorials Large or human-scale weapons or weapon replicas of any kind, including swords, knives, guns, sci-fi or fantasy blasters, etc. Racism, bullying, or cruelty to real life animals As you can see the show ticks a number of these boxes making it quite unlikely to ever make it through the review stage. But I thought it was worth a shot anyway!
  2. Foxes Productionz

    [MOC] Stranger Things

    Hi Everyone! This is my Stranger Things LEGO Ideas set. Stranger Things is one of my favourite shows, so this was a passion project of mine, I spent a lot of time and effort into creating this set. While it was rejected from LEGO ideas and never made it onto the LEGO Ideas website, I'm still really proud of the end result and had a blast making it. Bellow follows some images of the project as well as a YouTube video with my commentary & more images. Another 10 images of my project can also be viewed through Flickr: Thanks for taking a look! I would love to hear and discuss any feedback, criticisms and thoughts anyone might have. Thank you!!
  3. Foxes Productionz

    The Flintstones - LEGO Ideas

    I think the figures all look really great! With two exceptions- Bettys dress colour seems like the wrong shade and Barney really needs SHORT LEGS!! I really can’t understand why that they didn’t give short or medium legs!
  4. Since we may be getting more Outriders, I wonder if LEGO will update the design and only use 4 arms rather than 6.
  5. Foxes Productionz

    Toy Story 2019

    I think it’s possible that Bopeep will come as a minidoll.
  6. Unfortunately I doubt we’ll see any sets at NY Toy Fair as I have a feeling they’ll be keeping everything under wraps for Endgame.
  7. Foxes Productionz

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    Did anyone else notice that on the back of 70840 it looks as though Scribble Cop and Harkey Quinn are holding hands? Might just be an error of how they are being displayed, but maybe they’ll have a romance in the sequel.
  8. Foxes Productionz

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    So, I’m fairly certain that The Lego Batman movie takes place in the same universe as the Lego Movie, right? The new trailer shows the battle of Bricksburg and Batman is shown not wearing his belt, which means TLBM probably takes place some time after the battle, which wouldn’t add up with the city decending into an apocalypse. Doe anyone have an ideas about this or is it just a continuity error?
  9. I’m quite excited for the sets that have been revealed, and while I do feel that Spidermans vechicles are a bit pointless I think that the sets in general I quite well designed and executed. On a seperate note 2018’s Sanctum Sanctorum gave us a newspaper with Daredevil. What are our chances of getting ‘The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’ in this wave of sets?
  10. Foxes Productionz

    The Flintstones - LEGO Ideas

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this set! I wonder if Barney will use those new medium size legs?
  11. Foxes Productionz

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It could possibly be those leftover Bricktober packs, guess we’ll see.
  12. Foxes Productionz

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    While Draco is the only one with it cloth cape, it would seem that you are right! It’d be good if they continue using those capes.
  13. Foxes Productionz

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’m sure it’s been talked about here but the article mentions the possibility of chase minifigures, still not sure how I feel about that Rumours suggest that chase minifigures will be included in this series, but no mention is made in this official announcement. More details are expected to follow between now and the launch date.
  14. Foxes Productionz

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow! This series looks crazy! The molds look great in particular some of those hairpieces. The trio, mad-eye and dumbledoor are my personal highlights. Also Is anyone else seeing posable short legs?
  15. Foxes Productionz

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    The first trailer has been released!!