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  1. I couldn't agree more. He designed some of my favorite sets of all time already - I hope he keeps his work going He really seems like a nice guy too, always open for interviews and stuff like that. He honestly can't be praised enough
  2. An average Lego set has a 10 cents/piece ratio in the US. You can't take one set that Lego spoiled us with once and criticize others for the rest of eternity because of it The ST set is a pretty good deal in the US at least. 2200+ pieces, 8 extremely accurate figures, 3 new molds and a light brick all in one phenomenally designed set for $200 is really fair if you ask me
  3. Plus it has some of the best figures Lego has ever done to date. I've never seen a few figures represent the likenesses of actors that well. You can't just ignore the things like the light brick, three new molds (which is a new record for a D2C) and the licensing either. In addition to that, the set also has some of the best engineering and design I've ever seen from an official Lego product. I think it would've easily also been worth $250, maybe even $300
  4. Oh, can't wait to watch that when I'm home. I have to consume every video about this set until I build mine
  5. Oh, I didn't know that. I just assumed it was like the Jurassic World Make N Take from 2015, where everyone got a small bag with all the pieces, a small instruction manual and stickers inside
  6. Oh, that works perfectly!
  7. Nancy should have a red jacket - also not sure why she's wearing white gloves? I also don't think the hair works for Steve. The one for Sirius Black works 10x better from the front (even if the back is too long) No idea what face could work for Jonathan sadly, he has as very distinct face
  8. Well, given that the store said that only 400 people would be let in, I assume they had around 500 copies in the store. They totally overestimated how many people would come (didn't Whovastron say that there are about 150 there?) so they gave out the rest of the copies to those who asked. But that doesn't change the fact that the set was only ever given out in one store in the US and one in the UK and only on that one midnight opening. Assuming my theory of 500 per store is right, that's exactly 1000 copies worldwide. Let's assume that at least 80% of the sets that were given out were also built, with the stickers applied. Then we have about 200 set without the stickers applied to them
  9. Castle Byers is selling for a metric sh**load on eBay There was one being sold for $100, which was gone in a matter of minutes! Currently, there are some up for bidding, but all of them are already assembled, with the stickers applied I feel bad for everyone, myself included, who wanted to get one of them @Whovastron you can't believe how lucky you are to live close to Leicester Square - keep that set in good condition, you won't regret it if you suddenly need $500 in a few years
  10. I completely agree. Lego blew it out of the water in 2019, and we're only 5 months in I also just ordered my copy. I'm really late so I'm glad nothing is on backorder just yet
  11. I'm almost sad that's the designer video. It's really creative and fun for sure, but I was really looking forward to the inspiration they had with the set, all the details, how they worked together with Netflix and all of the graphic designs
  12. Amazing review! Such awesome close-up images and mentions of every single detail. Thanks a lot
  13. I honestly can't tell if you're trolling us anymore at this point. You've asked this question at least 3 times already. The set will be up tomorrow morning on the 15th, just like Vonsek said if you would've read the chat
  14. Please tell me you're joking...
  15. Could be a small Castle Byers build. I hope not though, that'd need at least 3 exclusive stickers Just please update us as quickly as you can if there are any exclusive prints or pieces in the set