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  1. My finding: 1) i can install new version from google playstore - but critical error happen when opening the app. I manage to installed it via 2) Option to renaming each button is missing 3) New app cant detect my boost hub anymore. I like the new interface but had to revert back to previous version due to my finding above.
  2. azimsu80

    [APP] BrickController2

    With 2.6 on android, I still got problem with sluggish servo. Revert back to version 2.3 that works perfect on android 😒
  3. I got it, i need to rename back the hub to "Technic Hub" in PUP 3.0, once the hub detected in can rename it as you want. Interesting part is, i manage to get a Boost Hub working!!! on all ports 😁
  4. I cant connect to power up hub 88009. I have remove & re-install controlz again but it doesnt work. I was using an android phone @ galaxy s10+
  5. Regarding programable option which is under construction, what is the base of the programing language?
  6. Hai, Version 1.4.1 is working great. I like the new steering button but the position was lock on the left side only. Other option was functioning very well, no issue with servo. Happy holiday, thank you for giving us 1.4.1
  7. Thank you for V1.4 update and i saw lots of new features 😍
  8. Hai, first of all the battery box that all of you are referring to was not from CaDA, its from Mouldking brand. Please download the .apk file from the link below: Hope it helps.
  9. Can we get selectable haptic feedback (low/mid/high) in settings?
  10. Well, we all knew that this is a developement software. We are here as beta tester to report any finding and glitch in the system thus allowing the developer to tune it up on every update. We are hoping the best result that could benifit the community, good job to the developer as every update is a joy 😘
  11. Bug: Saved control profile data missing on every update. Is it because of new added option on button mapping? I love the new update, keep it coming😍
  12. Is it possible to add a gyroscope control that can control a track type moc to move forward, backward, left, hard left, right and hard right? It means there will be free run control and gyro based control....πŸ€”
  13. Thank you, keep it coming. We had so much fun playing the C+ motor freely on our MOC. Cant hardly wait for next update.