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  1. Earthquake in Cologne

    Dark Bluish Gray :) This looks really good, probably one of the best builds I've seen. It's consistent, realistic and superbly build. Regarding the tutorial links; if you would post them I would keep them in this thread to keep everything together. That way you can update the first / original post and have a great overview.
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Crying about figures that you (not you, but people) want in a set because it fits you own desire isn't criticism. Most people who comment are only thinking about themselves. It's like Robianco says: there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but the last few pages is all about 'I want this figure' or 'this figure is inaccurate because they should have done this figure!'. That's just complaining because you want to up your postcount or you're 12 years old. It doesn't contribute anything to this thread and while neither does this post, something has to be done to make this forum more serious/relevant again.
  3. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    They could have, but they didn't. Discussing this is pointless (especially when a Lego Designer comes here and explains the choices) and only fills the thread with pages full of whining children. Accept the fact and move on. I understand that this is the internet, but over the last few months/year this forum has become such a negative place. Anyway I read on some French site that the Bricktober pack will be available for purchase in Europe for €14.99 or free with purchases above €70. I don't know if they just took the information of the internet, but I will try to find and add the link here.
  4. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    They will probably do 1 set for each 'lesser' movie. That's what Marvel gets and same goes for DC. I don't mind as I would rather get some comic based sets rather than movie based sets as we get more diversity in the comic based ones. I do however look forward to the Shazam set because we haven't got a Shazam figure for the mass market.
  5. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Everybody should understand that most children (yes, they are targetted at children) only get one or two sets. If they put exclusive figures in every set, I wouldn't be fun for the kids/parents as they would need to buy multiple expensive sets to get the core characters. This way people can buy the cheap Aragog set and still have Harry + Ron. I understand that they don't have exclusive prints, which they could have done, but they're already going all in on this theme so I guess that would keep the budget down. Especially if the face prints match the set.
  6. [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Ah thanks, found it! A video would be very helpful, but I can imagine how much work that would cost.
  7. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    But we got the Book coming out and the game. That would make at least 2 exclusive figures with the leaked Lex Luthor as the most likely candidate for the Villians game, but what could it be for the 2018 book?
  8. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    That looks way better than I would have thought for such a small set.
  9. [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Okay, one final question haha. I'm rebuilding/modding this to make one my own. I've been searching for an hour now and can't find the correct piece that is used on the top of the hamburger stand. There are 4 Arch Bricks 6x6x2, but the piece in the middle (I would assume a round 6x6 brick/plate) doesn't exist in the collor Tan (neither the plate or brick). I've seen other Burger stands that also use the same technique for the top part, so there should be something. I've tried it with other round pieces, but nothing fits as a 6x6 would. Am I missing something or is there a 6x6 round brick piece in the color Tan that isn't listed on Brickset/Bricklink?
  10. Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Would seem ideal for the Brickheadz line...
  11. [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Yea, I got that . I meant the spaces inbetween like on the picture:
  12. [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Following since day one and it's getting there! Already build the Fries and Milkshake stand and those are really good. I still don't get how you managed to made the burger stand sides with some space between the 2x2 yellow slope piece and the brown 2x4 (?) plate tho.
  13. 10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I would really like to see people modify this into a rollercoaster with a theme (just like the Pirate 3-1 rollercoaster). I want to add some animals into the structure of the build, like let's say a giant monkey who tries to grab the wagons. When/if I have the time I'll try to make it happen.
  14. Bat logo

    I like the design and want to try and make it 'better' if possible, but I can't open the LXF link. It says file not found when you click on the link. If you can post the file or correct link to the file I will try to help you fix the gaps. :)
  15. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    We all understand that there are electronic things inside, but that still doesn't make up for that price. Do you see what you get for that price?