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  1. Because of the Lego Batman Movie I didn't even realise, but we haven't gotten a Catwoman, Two-Face or Bane (if you don't count the Dimensions figure) in a DC Super Heroes set since 2012/2013. I agree that we don't need another vehicle based remake, but an updated Arkham, Batcave or something like the Joker Fun House would be nice. New villians like Mad Hatter, Grundy, etc. shouldn't take too long to get right? The last couple of sets all introduced some new villians. Anyway, I would like a seperate Batman line, next to DC Super Heroes, so that they can focus on specific Batman eras (Animated Series anyone?), but we will just have to wait and see what 2019 brings us.
  2. Are the official pictures already online ?
  3. Juniors is indeed replaced by the 4+ 'subtheme'. I guess it let's them make more sets that they normally wouldn't (Star Wars does get 4+ sets this wave too, which are actually pretty cool as they have play functions were you shoot targets, but never had juniors sets). I do agree that buildings would be nice to get, but kids most likely want a vehicle :P
  4. I didn’t even notice the 3rd figure, but everything more is welcome. Won’t take long before everything else leaks too.
  5. Is pre-ordering Lego a thing in the USA or is that also new?
  6. Kevii23

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Also saw the upcoming Ninjago sets in the catalog. Don't know if these are already leaked or spoken about but from what I can recall. The biggest set (Spinjitsu?) Monastery is a real beauty. A red facade building with another facade building (kinda like Battle for Ninjago City with a gate). From my understanding the other sets are remakes, but I don't know for sure as I don't really know this theme but I was told they were variants of earlier sets.. There was a blue plane (like 9442) and a vehicle with a drill (9444 but with a drill piece on the front). There were some others but I can't remember them.
  7. Yes, the Carnage set has Miles. I can't recall 2 or 3 figures, but if it is 3 then it's SpiderMan Peter Parker. I mainly focussed on things we didn't already know (figures) but there was nothing new so I tried to remember the distribution of figures across the sets.
  8. Kevii23

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Here's a clear picture. I like the way this is going even though I had zero interest at first.
  9. Kevii23

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There’s a shark mould saw/swordfish. Didnt spot any others.
  10. All I remember is that Spiderman vs Green Goblin is very small and has a glider and a small spiderman car of some sorts. Sandman gets an extended sand area vs some sort of spider mech (like a real spider). SpiderGwen has a sticker/printed boardpiece she rides and the shocker figure is Duplo but very comic book accurate. I didn't pay much attention to the builds as I didn't had much time. I would guess some uploads the digital version soon as most retailers seen to have gotten it. EDIT: Oh this is the DC thread hahaha. But no, as stated above I haven't paid much attention to it. Aquaman and Ocean Master were on a dish with the new Super Hero pieces. His suit and helmet were black and Batman was grey. I think it was a small submarine build and, of course, a shark.
  11. Kevii23

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The Fire 2019 City sets get a Water Pump + new sound (brick?) playfunctions. They look pretty cool, the hamburger fire rescue thingie is nothing you would expect tho (a building with a hamburger sign as a seperate build). The Sky Police sets get a parachute playfeature that works as in you throw it in the air with the minifig attached and they parachute down. Didn't pay that much attention to the rest, the garbage truck is a juniors set and looks, well.. Garbage. I've seen the 2019 preliminary catalog in person so I have no link and if I can remember more info I will share it here. Ah yea, the road baseplate packs are switched up. You now get the straight and T-Junction in 1 pack and the Crossroad + Curved road in the other one.
  12. From what I saw there were only 2 sets: the Batman Mech set and the Ocean Master set. Marvel has 5 (6 including Duplo).
  13. Nope. This was all I saw (scrolled through it quickly). Movie sets are always blacked out anyway.
  14. Spiderman 2099, spiderman, Sandman and Vulture are in one set. Green goblin vs Spiderman is a small (€10?) set. Doc ock vs Spiderman is the juniors set. Carnage has some weird things on his back (the same pieces as the portal beast in the doctor strange 2016 set) 5 Avengers 4 sets. The rest I forgot but builds weren’t interesting. Taken from the preliminary 2019 catalog.