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  1. 3 months in the making, my ship is finally done. This is a Canadian Coast Guard midshore patrol vessel. The first of 9 Hero-class patrol vessels, this one was launched in May, and the rest are to be completed sometime in 2013. The model is built to a scale of 1foot:1stud flickr Here is the real thing: Starboard: Port: Bridge:
  2. Refurbishing Lego Sets

    To remove the yellow use Retr0Bright.
  3. 8043 Excavator problem

    In the instructions step 35 it shows a blue axle pin connecting to the yellow knob gear axle. If you replace it with a tan axle pin, the gearbox should shift much better. The surgery required for such a change may be difficult.
  4. It appears that LDD will be updated with the entire LDraw library. Source
  5. Rebrickable link is broken. Try this one
  6. Canadian Eh?

    Chapters/Indigo has Lego 20-25% off and free shipping over $25. It doesn't say how long the sale will last
  7. HUGE problem with shop.lego.com

    Me too It still appears to be available for most of Europe though. Lego should ship one to me, I can wait for the transatlantic shipping.
  8. Parts List on Bricklink Instructions
  9. Lego 8081

    I just bought it this week. It's a decent set for my first car technic set. I immediately modified it with PF, really simple with an m motor and xl motor.
  10. I have put bricks through the dishwasher. They survived. Just make sure they are well secured and disable the drying cycle on the dishwasher. Another thing to try is the (clothes) washing machine. Toss the bricks in a pillowcase or very tight mesh bag and seal the end. you may have to rinse the bricks after because the pillowcase will collect the grime.
  11. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The cone and the 1x2 ribbed tile are MegaBlocks. The slope brick is from several UFO sets
  12. Alpha Rex 2.0

    Lego Customer service. http://us.service.lego.com/en-US/BuildingInstructions/default.aspx
  13. I will take this as proof that Lego will never get a Transformers license. Why people even bother to ask for it in "what theme should Lego make" threads is beyond me. Also modern war, never going to happen.
  14. Lego PF IR Protocols

    I believe the information you are looking for is here.