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    8458 vs 8461

    Hi all! I was wondering whether the 8458 Silver Champion and the 8461 Williams F1 have exactly the same setup, and contain the same parts. So, is it then also possible to build the 8458 B model (the truck) from the parts of the 8461? Which of the two (8458 or 8461) do you prefer, and why? cheers, RockeTeK
  2. RockeTeK

    Switching from 9V to RC

    Hi peeps, I plan to switch from 9V system to the new RC system soon. (see also in the Sell area!) My other favorite theme is Technic, and I managed to build several Train related MOCs with 100% Technic elements. The goal is to be able to incorporate my PF motors in the RC Trains (I am working on, don't laugh, Train Dragsters! ). Now my question is, what is the best set to start my RC Train era with? I am considering the Emerald Night and the Maersk Train, but also 7938 and 7939. All tips/suggestions appreciated. Cheers, RockeTeK
  3. RockeTeK

    The Youtube thread

    Hi EBers! I like Valve's game Portal 2 a lot, and I found the video below, which I found so special, I wanted to share it with you. You might need to know the story of Portal and Portal 2 in order to fully understand the video. The video is a contest entry for the Valve Music Video Contest. Some of the best entries (including the winners of the contest) can be found here: Enjoy!
  4. RockeTeK

    Getting started in LEGO Trains - What to buy?

    Well, I consider the Emerald Night (#10194) a must-have and it isn't as expensive as either 7938 or 7939. For a city I would recommend 7938 first, and if your budget is big, just buy all 3
  5. RockeTeK

    New (old) member - ordered a few kits!

    Haha that really made me laugh @blakeatron: welcome to Eurobricks and have fun with the new sets
  6. RockeTeK

    TLG survey - input please!

    Done I like that LEGO is listening to the fans! They should have events in more countries (not only USA, Denmark, Germany and UK).
  7. I cannot view the image above, anyone experiences the same?
  8. Ah yes, then you would need an extra receiver...
  9. You don't need anything else to get this to work. If I am correct, you should simply change the position of one of the two small black switches on the controller. 8879: 8885:
  10. RockeTeK

    7897 - parts or complete set?

    If you compare RC to PF trains, the difference in functionality is only the horn (if you add the PF lights to your train). PF has (in my opinion) a huge advantage on RC though; the ability to control up to 8 trains with one controller.
  11. In the 2011 catalog, it states the Unimog will be released in October, so it has been delayed for two months? Well, we'll just have to wait I guess...
  12. So get the 8258 and modify it with a basket of some sort...
  13. RockeTeK

    8256 Crane Truck vs. 8285 Tow Truck

    I own both sets you mentioned, and I prefer both for different reasons. As for the aesthetics: I prefer 8285, since it just looks massive. However, the model itself isn't robust at all (unlike 8258). It is possible to twist the frame several degrees. Motorized functions are not a pro for me, and 8258 has an additional problem; the batteries cant be replaced easily (without taking a piece of the model apart). Both have cons and pros, but for me they all cancel each other out, so I rate both sets as very good (8,5/10).
  14. RockeTeK

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    I only have two trains so far, since I'm more of a Technic fanatic! 4565 cargo (9v) and 10194 emerald night, I plan on getting 10219 and/or 7938
  15. RockeTeK

    for sale old technic

    I might be interested in this, depending on the price. (NL, Euro?)
  16. RockeTeK

    9v extension cables?

    The 9V extension cables you mentioned work fine, just like on any other motor (or Control Centre) I would like to see your layout when it is finished
  17. RockeTeK

    Technic Transition Talk

    I am willing to help for moderating or indexing etc
  18. I love these models :D Any chance you could merge the instructions to PDF format? Would be appreciated!
  19. RockeTeK

    technic and znap compatibility

    Yes, actually both ZNAP and Technic share some pieces!
  20. Sad to see cheaters again... My vote probably goes to the BMW Z10
  21. I would choose to use gray for the part that connects to the rim directly and black for the "liftarms" etc that connect to the chassis.
  22. RockeTeK

    MOD: Another Emerald Night

    This looks really cool especially the passenger cars. Have you thought about the possibility to change the grey parts to green (at the side of the loc)?
  23. RockeTeK

    8297 Off Roader Infrared RC Mod

    Next to my 8466, the 8297 is just... hm... tiny? Don't get we wrong, the model itself is good, but nothing compared to the 8466 which came at the same price. That said, I like your modifications. The front looks a bit weird (especially the hood configuration), but you are getting there! Just a question: why is the suspension connected in such way? The position in the front is differs from the position on the back! Keep up the good work
  24. RockeTeK

    my 8070 Supercar Project

    It looks good so far! maybe you can get some red liftarms from Bricklink!
  25. RockeTeK

    [REVIEW] 8070 Supercar

    Yes, but all the L shaped liftarms are used...