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  1. Reputator

    MOC: Neo-Classic Space - Podracer

    This makes me want to see a whole series of Classic Space Star Wars vehicles.
  2. Reputator

    [MOC] Yet another TIE Interceptor

    I have posted a link to the LDD above.
  3. Reputator

    [MOD] Y-TIE & TYE-Wing: Galactic Uglies

    I like the simple creativity of them.
  4. Reputator

    [MOC] ARC-135 - Denon's Stallion

    I friggin love this.
  5. Reputator

    [MOD] TIE-Interceptor

    Nice! Very clean looking. I like it! And snooping through your flickr account, I also very much like your TIE Viper design!
  6. Oh THAT 1x4 brick with slide! I probably just didn't have the right side done yet when I took that pic. Sorry for the confusion! Yeah after the mod you won't be able to put it there. Hi BStahley! Welcome to Eurobricks! You did not misread anything! Unfortunately the blue technic snap with stud does have to be removed, which does cause that piece to be a bit loose. But I'm glad you came up with your own solution to it! My mod is definitely not the ultimate in perfection by any means!
  7. No further mods necessary. That part is assembled exactly the same as the original build, per instructions. I just didn't show everything in my step-by-step for the sake of simplicity.
  8. Reputator

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - proportions study

    Not bad. I can appreciate your attempt to bring in the fin-like protrusions on the pylons, which is not easy to do well with LEGO, and most people choose to obfuscate. The wing mid-sections definitely look a bit unfinished. I like your use of cheese wedges and plates with slide rails to hold the angle of the outer wing sections in place.
  9. Reputator

    TIE-Bomber [MOC]

    In my opinion the texture you're able to achieve with the shorter curved bricks looks hands-down better than if you tried a smoother look with the taller curved panels. Gives it a real sense of "muscle" and realism. Will look awesome with the printed cockpit dish in place!
  10. Just a 4x6 plate. There are already studs on the nose of the ship to put it on.
  11. I'm really glad you shared this with us despite not making it to the contest! My creation didn't make it either, so I can understand where you're coming from (you can find it under my content, I won't link here as to not distract from your MOC). It definitely was an awesome contest idea, and your creation is a fun take on the concept! Your choice of ship isn't one many would immediately recognize, a bold creative choice as it then becomes harder to get noticed. What stands out the most is the conveyance of size. The proportions and details make it look much larger than it actually is, which is appropriate. The front of the ship, perhaps due to the choices of colors, look a little busy or crowded. It would have been nice to contrast detailed areas with more smoothed areas, giving the appearance of something professionally built to the standards of the demanding First Order. The blue/gray color scheme also seems like a better fit for the Resistance than The First Order. But the shaping of the dorsal fin is really neat, and the cockpit area works really well for a pelican-like transporter. More importantly you seem happy with it, so it passed the most crucial test!
  12. Reputator

    [MOC] USG Ishimura

    I like the simple coloring of the physical model, and the industrial look of the the side panels, which are partially supported by those technic axles. Does look as though it's flying with its stand still on.
  13. Awesome! I'm glad you found a solution that works for you! I was actually very careful to make sure the L-beams did not interfere with the outer wing panels, but I'm sorry it caused issues for you!
  14. Reputator

    [LDD][MOD] Kylo Ren's Upsilon-class Shuttle

    It's an interesting legal grey area to tread, selling a design that is mostly based on an existing TLG model. I suppose it falls under "derivative works", but with it being such a common modification that has been done many times by others, with instructions on those being made freely available in almost all cases, I guess I don't fully comprehend the business sense behind it. But as the saying goes, there's a sucker born every minute. That's capitalism for ya.
  15. Reputator

    Yet Another Death Star Room

    So it will always look like it was never finished? :P