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  1. FX6000

    [MOC] Toyota Land Cruiser 80

    As always, you've done the masterpiece! The grey one looks even better. Simplicity always pays! But, one thing I want to mention though. Have you tried using negative offset for wheels in this model and keep the same width of the axles? TLC 80 usually got equiped with such wheels.
  2. Nice looking MOC! I've built my MOD with all black body. What I've changed: Shortened it a bit... especially from back. (for me it looks too long for it wheel base). I wanted to do a lighter version, so I removed all unnecessary tuning stuff. No blue pins and axle-pins at all. Custom painted wheels (Dupli Colour Vinyl & Fabric Coating Gloss Black) Doors and rear part of the body made slightly higher. My only complaint that it uses only one XL motor, yes I want more power:) or I need BuWizz :) P.S. Great instructions! Thanks!
  3. And this is what I've done with this set:
  4. FX6000

    [MOCs] Pickup & Hatchback

    Amazing MOCs from master Madoca! Complex inside and beautiful outside as always. Waiting for an updated/another 4x4 model.
  5. FX6000

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz G 4x4

    Thanks for the chassis instructions! Maybe some more detailed pictures of the bodywork? :)
  6. FX6000

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz G 4x4

    Great MOC! instantly recognizable G-Wagen. Are you planning to do instructions?
  7. FX6000

    Suzuki Samurai 4x4

    Thanks a lot! Piterx made a great model. Have fun;)
  8. FX6000

    [MOD] FJ40 Crawler with SBrick

    It is an honor for me to hear that from a master Madoca! Glad you like it! You and rm8 give as terrific creations and inspiration! Thank you! Yep, hope somebody else will offer his version :)
  9. FX6000

    [MOD] FJ40 Crawler with SBrick

    Thank you Madoca for this stunning MOC and free instructions! Here is my version:
  10. FX6000

    Jurassic Park Jeep

    Great MOC and presentation! Welcome to eurobricks:)
  11. FX6000

    [MOC] Icon Bronco

    I use standart wheels 43.2mm D. x 18mm but painted: http://duplicolor.com/product/vinyl-and-fabric-coating Gloss Black.
  12. FX6000

    [MOC] Icon Bronco

    Hello Paul, I was so impressed by your model that I recreated it in LDD using your photos and then in real life. It's a beautiful model! And I also made some little changes. Hope you don't mind if share LXF file. http://bricksafe.com/pages/NikolayFX/lego-icon-bronco-by-paul-kim-mod Thanks!
  13. No, I ordered directly from Lego.com/ca with free shipping + small gift from lego. Another source where I usually make my orders is bricklink.com
  14. Me too, thanks! Yep, you're right it is not really steering, but a sort of it:) Long ago Lego instructions offered to cut hoses by yourself. ;)