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  1. It's square on all sides :) The hood has a slight angle, maybe 3mm
  2. Hi to everyone, I want to introduce you my little Mod. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 This is a modification of 10304 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 set. I really liked the original set, but I wanted an all black SS version for myself, so I made it. As soon as I saw the set, I immediately noticed the wrong angle of steering column and corrected it. LEGO keeps releasing 18+ sets with lots of visible parts in bright colors that I never liked. I tried my best to replace these parts with more suitable ones. And of course wide aggressive tires always look better :) I made high resolution instructions which exactly repeats steps numbers from original instructions, so you can easily compare if you want to. Obviously, some steps have a different number and colors of parts. Modifications include: - Steering column with better angle (more realistic) - Detailed door panels - Wide tires for a sportier look - Side markers - Exhaust pipes had to be replaced due to tire width - All visible bright colors are changed to black or dark grey - Tinted windshields, black grille, tiled floor, more realistic cups on wheels - Custom Vector Graphic stickers I made two PDFs (Stickers): A4 size for EU and Letter size for US. They need to be printed and cut by yourself. Instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-121286/NikolayFX/1969-chevrolet-camaro-ss-396/#details Thank you!
  3. First it was bricks, then liftarms, now we have panels... in the future it could be a windshield or something else, like windshield pieces, who knows, that's my point of view. May I? I see Technic progress in that direction, towards realism in individual details like the wheels we have now. I agree with you on functions, these are just cars with internal combustion engines. What Lego will do with all-electric cars is the question. Minus two functions at once (gearboxes and engines with moving pistons). We'll see.
  4. And the windshield would work great with the small window at the back
  5. The fourth Technic super car with the same functions, it's really boring. New parts such as a windshield will show some progress, at least in appearance, I think one day we will see windshields on Technic cars. At least for now we have new realistic tires.
  6. I was hoping for windscreen, this series really needs it. Nice wheels though!
  7. Maybe:) Egor aka RM8 will tell some details on February 8th. Even on the picture with Lando Norris the car looks quite big
  8. In 2013 LEGO made F1 1/8 set 42000 Grand Prix Racer with 1141 parts which cost $130 and upcoming McLaren is much more expensive. So, maybe, we will see 1/8 model.
  9. Maybe we will get something trendy (SUV) like 2022 Ferrari Purosangue
  10. I did, I tested 2 cables: USB 2.0 to Type C and USB 3.0 to Type C. No luck
  11. Hello everyone, I have issue with BuWizz 3.0. A little background: a few days ago I bought BuWizz 3.0, delivery was great by DHL. BuWizz was a bit cold so I left it for a few hours to evaporate condensate. When I try to charge BuWizz nothing happened. The guy from the support said that this is a deep discharge of the battery and advised to charge for many hours from a non-intelligent usb charger. I have charged it from PC, iPad charger, iPhone charger, USB extension cable (Power Strip), but no luck. I used original cabel supplied with BuWizz. Any help or advise? Thanks!
  12. Madoca didn't release any instructions on 2017 version 1 model, because he decided to rebuild it as I know. Here's some screenshots from the video where you can see an upcoming version 2 model. I hope (we hope:) Madoca will make instructions on this beauty soon.
  13. RM8 aka Egor showed an updated version of Madoca's Land Cruiser 80 (2 teaser pictures) in his video. Can't wait for full release:) Looks so cool!
  14. And so what? LEGO ambassadors can't collaborate with others? for example rc4wd... numerous chinese tire manufacturer companies... It would be also interesting to see a video comparison between two companies / sets
  15. I do not have instructions, but I have this MOC on my shelf. I can give you detailed pictures how to... find me on instagram nikolay_gamurar lego