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  1. Zhokker


    That's definitely a nice moc! I like how it's builded, everything flows together perfectly! I also like that you used CCBs part as a helmet.
  2. They look pretty unusual! Very similar to their originals.
  3. Zhokker

    Hello, my nickname is Zhokker

    Thanks for the comment, I'll keep up the good work! If you have any ideas, I'm happy to listen.
  4. What a great idea! It's quite atmospheric, and I would even say mysterious.
  5. Zhokker

    Those Who Remain

    I like the result character, reminiscent of a pirate
  6. Great review, I liked the set itself, lots of new and interesting parts, as well as their unique construction. I should also highlight the very good quality of the photos.
  7. Zhokker

    Hello, my nickname is Zhokker

    You're good, but you shouldn't spam that anywhere.
  8. Hello everyone, my nickname is Zhokker, I am a fan of lego Bionicle and system since 2007, as soon as I got my first toy. Very interested on 3D modeling of different LEGO parts and LEGO Bionicle. Known among a few people for creating a better version of MoUP and I also have a store on Shapeways. Joined Russian community in 2015, and in foreign community since end of 2019. Took a chance and registered here to keep up with news and updates. Ready to help with your questions about 3D modeling and so on, would love to meet different designers! Here below some of my work from the past year 2020. https://imgur.com/gallery/f7ihzPd https://imgur.com/gallery/NbJ34Fm https://imgur.com/gallery/JYjUcN8 https://imgur.com/gallery/DnfHbg7 https://imgur.com/gallery/a8Hw4uV I also made some bionicle parts for bionicle stud.io parts pack and I have my own project which I working on right now, Knight's Kingdom parts pack for renders in Stud.io (LDD, but better)
  9. 3D printing your own designs is something very incredible. A year ago I made the Mask of Ultimate Power, while trying to make everything look as closely as possible like the mold structure of real bionicle masks 2015-2016. Here are two images of what it looks like. Looks pretty cool to me. https://imgur.com/oqJG6f4 Printed part https://imgur.com/J4cJVD1 And Gif https://imgur.com/iLuS8Bd
  10. Hello there. I also decided to investigate anything about 3D here, and maybe even find some unique guys.