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  1. Bug82

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Reading this thread, it's so hard to keep up with all of what is actually going on... Is there a date/event when things like UCS sets will be confirmed and given release dates?
  2. Bug82

    New 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper van Box?

    Just finished building this. Was rather enjoyable. Quite liked the challenge of not having numbered bags. Wouldn't mind if more sets were done that way.
  3. The shuttle is soooo much nicer this way. Any chance of a parts list/instructions?
  4. Haven't seen or heard of those polybags here is Aus.
  5. Bug82

    [MOC - WIP] BAT-STie

    Hard to tell from the picture, but how did get such a curve for the wings?
  6. Bug82

    UCS Scale Sebulba's Podracer

    Yet another amazing MOC. The creativity of some of you guys is amazing. Orange and black is one of my favourite colour combinations. I will bookmark the instruction links so that I might buy them at a later date. Great work!
  7. Bug82

    Custom 6,000 piece UCS AT-AT

    Ask, and you shall receive.
  8. Bug82

    Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    This looks great. Have just downloaded the instructions. Might be the first non-official build I have a crack at.
  9. Bug82

    [MOC] EpisodeVII - Apoca AT-AT on Jakku

    This is so good. Of the dioramas I've seen so far, this is right up there.
  10. Of the purchases I've made so far, the one I've least been impressed with is the First Order Transporter. I've worked out that I'm definitely interested in display type sets rather than playability. And this falls into the latter category. Also, as the movie hasn't come out yet, there's no connection formed like the iconic ships of the others. But I don't feel this will change. At this point in time I'll refrain from getting Kylo's shuttle until after the movie.
  11. Bug82

    (MOC) Hangar Bay 327

    Amazing work!
  12. I might take that regular sets back actually, as my real interest is in the UCS stuff. Will just do 1 a month and no more until the next UCS comes out. Haha
  13. So after a spur of the moment purchase of the latest Millenium Falcon, my first Lego purchase since I was a kid, a small addiction has developed. So in the last 5 weeks I've purchased; - 75105 - Millenium Falcon - 75103 - First Order Transport - 75102 - Poe X-Wing - 75094 - Tydirium Shuttle - 75054 - AT-AT Along with the following UCS sets; - 10240 - Red Five - 75060 - Slave 1 - 75095 - Tie Fighter - 10225 - R2-D2 - 10227 - B-Wing This has come on rather quickly, and am having to hide them from my wife. I've only built 3-4 of the sets so far and after being questioned last night, I am going to have to bring these out on a drip feed. There are a couple of the UCS sets from before 2011 I'd love to get a hold of, but the asking price for some of these makes it hard to justify.