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  1. Sered

    FS D345 + Eaos Wagons

    Hello there, I would you like to share with you my first Train MOCs, 7 wide Loco FS D345 and Eaos Wagons. FS D345 Eaos Wagons Let me know what you think about them , as I already said, they are my first train MOCs!
  2. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Eheh I don't think so! There're a lot of bricks inside but, honestly, I don't know the exact number.
  3. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Thanks mate! The castle will be kept together until my death Starting from September I will create a forest with a small town near the castle. more pics coming in the next future Glad to see that rockwork was appreciated. Probably it was the hardest part of the entire project. Lot of bricks for the structure behind, lot of slopes dbg ... and the rockwork build was really boring! The main castle is leaned on structure built by window, bricks 1x and 2x, plate 4x ...
  4. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Thank mate! Helms and shields are custom items created by NiceBricks ( you can find him on bricklink, is a french shop ) Thanks Jagger! Believe me, it's better to see the castle live, pictures don't do justice. As you can see from the beginning of this thread, I started this project years ago but I had not worked on it anymore until this December when I decided to finish this castle. In the last 4 months I completed 7 modules plus the big castle on top. Lot of bricks...
  5. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Hello! I resume this old thread to announce that Casterly Rock has been completed Just a few pics: More pictures on my Flickr gallery:
  6. Sered

    MOC: The Revolt Of Spartacus

    I agree! Lovely work with stones
  7. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    I didn't count . Should be 18-20k bricks. I built 1/3 of total castle
  8. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Hello! Here you are more photos in hi-res. It's pretty funny thinking about how we made them ... :grin:
  9. Sered

    MOC - Freedom's Final Stand

    Very clever window technique ... I'll catch it :-) Floor made with plate is outstanding!
  10. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Hello mates, in this weekend I showed in RomaBrick ItLUG Latina 2014 event other 3 modules. I built 4 modules of the 12 planned, just a few days and I'll start to study again so I'll stop building :(. Hope to restart this summer. Here you are this pic, as soon possible more photos in hi res.
  11. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Hi dear! Well, it's a little bit impossible . MOC fits in a 40x40x60 box ...
  12. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    yep, I hope too, but I'm very busy with my job and real life Nice questions, it depends on my job and my commitments, my deadline is April 2015. Maybe I'll finish it before.
  13. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    I found some 72mm Castle pics Yesterday I started second module, hope to finish it as soon as possible!
  14. Sered

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Thank you! Another 4 images from our official photographer