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Found 9 results

  1. So i'm a massive Game of Thrones fans, the show though not the books so I guess i'm that sort've plebe. I've seen GoT mocs on Eurobricks before so i've thought that there has to be a dedicated thread to the show, especially given how popular it is. Apparently there isn't so I thought why not start one. With the recent start of season 6 what better timing is there? I'm just going to make a simple rule of the thread. If what you're saying is a spoiler put the text in spoiler tags. If it's not and just an opinion or commentary on how you felt about the episode in a way that doesn't reveal plot points then you obviously don't have to. I personally would say this rule only applies to the current season but if there are a bunch of people who aren't caught up then it can be extended. Anyway enough about rules, this is such a great show onto the discussion! Warning Possible Spoilers Ahead! I thought the opening episode, The Red Woman was very interesting. Ser Davos continues to be one of my favorite characters.
  2. The Bloody Gate is a series of battlements placed across the mountain road that leads into the Vale of *Green Dragon* from the Mountains of the Moon. There are two long parapets built into the stone of the mountains. The pass, narrow where it meets the gate, is watched over by twin watchtowers, which are joined by a covered bridge of grey stone that arches above the road. The gate has its own commander who is given the title the Knight of the Gate. This commander traditionally asks the question, "Who would pass the Bloody Gate?" to all who would pass through. - A Wiki of Ice and Fire Inspired by the Bloody Gate from the HBO series The Game of Thrones, this MOC presents the red lion army’s failure of attacking the gate, which hold by the green dragon army. *Yes, the portcullis works.* C&Cs are welcome! The Bloody Gate01 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate02 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate03 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate04 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate05 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate06 by ElviN, on Flickr The Bloody Gate07 by ElviN, on Flickr
  3. Stannis Baratheon, first his name, King of the Andals, of the Rhoynar, and the First Men, King in the Narrow Sea, King at the Painted Table, King of Dragonstone, King in the Wall, King of Storm's End, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, Lord Paramount and Protector of the Realm, King of Westeros. The true King raising levies from the Stormlands, horse and pike. Volantene bowmen have accepted the Braavosi coins Stannis offered them, as sellswords from beyond the Red Waste which will arrive in a fortnight. Stannis leads, along Hand of the King, Lord Davos, Melisandre of Asshai and a heavily escorted Princess Shireen Baratheon. Pikemen levies from the houses of the Stormlands and Stannis own Dragonstone knights march along the Volantene bowmen. 20151224_142353 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr 20151224_142404 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr 20151224_142413 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr 20151224_142345 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr 20151224_142308 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr
  4. [GoT] Craster's Keep

    Hello, the HBO series Game of Thrones is an excellent source for inspiration and there are a lot of interesting landscapes and scenes that deserve a Lego version. My first choice felt on Craster's Keep. The awesome tree technique is stolen by Xenomurphy. Furthermore I got a lot of inspiration for the figures from Wats great GoT-minifigures. Jonas
  5. Hello, I would you like to show you my last MOC, Casterly Rock's Gate. This is first module of my new castle after Winterfell. It should be 16-20 baseplates 48 studs. More pics as soon as possible, I suggest to look hi-res photo on Flickr. C&C are welcome.
  6. Hey, I want show you my LEGO version of Daenerys Targaryen. Khaleesi by kenobi8, on Flickr
  7. Hello everyone, I am proud to assist my friends Sered (http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81940) and Marco Cancellieri in showing the big A Song of Ice and Fire (know as Game of Thrones for the HBO show) diorama that we together presented at the ItLug Latina 2013 Lugfest. Some information about this diorama: it's 288 studs large and 576 long, making it 2,30 m large and 4,60 long. Sered, as you can see on the linked topic, did an oustanding and unflagging work in building Winterfell. That's so plenty of wonderful details that though the many pictures we took, it doesn't do justice to him. Here there are just a couple of pictures, please click on the previous link to enjoy the work he did: or follow the link https://skydrive.liv...5C5BAC70CE1!124 thanking our great friend Yugo Amaryl. Marco Cancellieri AKA The Chancellor, who always likes (and succeeds) to impress, went into another big job and build none other than the WALL (and Castle Black of course) Again, here are some resized pictures, you can take advantage of Yugo Amaryl's shots again to see them in detail: https://skydrive.liv...5C5BAC70CE1!123 Me and my friend Lothard McLotti went into building the Frey's Twin Towers. Nothing like the above, but nice result though: More to this diorama is being built for the next Legofests. As I speak, people is adding wanting to build another piece of westeros... what will this become? Thank you for watching from Italy!
  8. Winterfell

    Hello! I would you like to show my last MOC, Winterfell from The Games of Thrones. This castle is part of a huge diorama presented at ItLUG - RomaBrick Latina 2013 last weekend. Winterfell counts 16 baseplates 48x48. I have only this photo made with Iphone so the quality is poor. As soon as possibile I'll post photos with higher quality. @Ecclesiastes: I did it! Here you are more pics in high quality, thanks to my friend Lego_Amaryl
  9. MOC(s): "Almost Got 'Im"

    You should know two things about me; first, clearly I like building my own creations as this is one of many I’ve started posting to the Eurobricks community (And many more to come!), and two, more importantly I love Batman: The Animated Series. I think Batman: The Animated Series is arguably the best representation of Batman outside of comics, and I love many of the designs, characters, and episodes of the series. Because of this, I’ve started re-creating episodes of the show in Lego, with the first being my favorite episode, “Almost Got ‘Im” I’ve been posting these on my Flickr over the past few days, but at Eurobricks, you all get them in one big chunk! So enjoy! Click the pictures to see the full Flickr page with extended photo descriptions. More pictures of set pieces can also be found on my photostream. "How We Almost Got 'Im" Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Killer Croc, and Poison Ivy meet at the Stacked Deck to play cards and talk of the time they came closest to taking out Batman. --- "How Ivy Almost Got 'Im" Poison Ivy tells how she almost killed Batman with exploding pumpkins, only to be foiled by a remote controlled Batmobile. --- "How Two-Face Almost Got 'Im" Two-Face recalls how he almost squashed the Batman with a Giant Penny, but was foiled by his own coin! --- "How Killer Croc Almost Got 'Im" Killer Croc yells out how he almost killed Batman by throwing a rock at him. It was a big rock... --- "How Penguin Almost Got 'Im" The Penguin describes how he almost killed Batman with a large Cassowary, but the bird failed to kill the Bat --- "How Joker Almost Got 'Im" Joker happily tells how just last night he almost killed Batman with a Laugh Electrocution Machine, only for the Dark Knight to be saved by Catwoman. The former who is captured by Harley Quinn and is currently going to be chopped up into Cat-food and sent to Batman--Remember, there's more than one way to get someone! Hahahaha! --- "How Batman Got 'Em" Plot Twist! Batman and the GCPD were holding a sting, and Batman was dressed as Killer Croc just waiting to find out the location of Catwoman from Joker's story. --- "How Harley Almost Got 'Er" If it were not for Batman, Harley Quinn might have chopped Catwoman into Cat-Food! --- "How Catwoman Almost Got 'Im" Thanks for coming after me… I owed you… Well I’d like to think our relationship isn’t just restricted to saving each other from freaks and weirdoes; and that maybe we’d have a place for each other without Gotham, without the freaks, maybe…without masks… …Maybe… (Sirens, Catwoman looks away as Batman glides off) …hummm…almost got ‘Im… Enjoy ~Nemo