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  1. wesden

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    Took the twins to Toys R Us for the instore Lego/Jurassic World gate (free item make and take) :) and since we have twins, we have 2 gates for our town now! Sorry if pic is large :/
  2. Looking forward to the weekend to play Lego all day with the kids!

  3. I was a child of the 70s, when toys were simple, creative and fund, and that's what I'm passing along to my little tater tots who are 4 year old b/g twins. They are so excited to grow their Lego world, but not as excited as mommy :) I am obsessed with minifigs, a handful which I am still trying to procure at a reasonable price - but I know serier 14 will come out and I'll want all of those :) I have build a Lego City for my kids and tend to it every morning and evening to "tidy up" - it's a labor of love! Excited to be here, and look forward to learning some tips and tricks, and meeting some friendly, and fellow obsessed, fans. Good evening from California, -deniz
  4. Hi, New to the site. Just checked out the beta earlier this week and excited to see the launch. I live close to San Mateo and would love to take my twins to share this expereince! :) Definately interested!