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  1. Fresh, it's 185 US gallons. Here's a video: I do enjoy building in this room, but there are hazards as my cats often steal pieces!
  2. Thank you! It's my other money devouring hobby.
  3. I have injured my back, so today I am building at my table. Can't complain about the surroundings though!
  4. This.... This is spectacular. I've always wanted to build a Lego model of a GMD SD40-2 with the Canadian Pacific Multimark scheme, but I never imagined a model in this scale and detail. From one rail fan to another you have done a remarkable job even from a modelling perspective alone. The fact you did this in Lego with such accurate detailing is quite a feat, you should be proud of this one!
  5. I will be buying every single set for the 2H 2016. Its going to be an expensive birthday, but I love every set they have announced! I am thrilled to see Technic moving this direction. It definitely seems like they are catering more to AFOL's with this round
  6. I feel like I might be alone in loving this set. I see a ton of new pieces that will be very handy, pieces in new colours, an XL motor (I dont have many of).. the list goes on. I love sets that take me more than single day to assemble, and larger sets just make me feel like a kid again to play with. The colour choices are interesting, but not too outlandish. The most recent pictures seem to show the set off better than the initial one did. August will be a very expensive month for me!
  7. I'm definitely going to buy this set. Anything that gets me more pneumatic parts is a must buy regardless, but this model looks sharp and will display nicely. I am questioning the use of orange on this model though. I like orange, but it seems out of place on a volvo
  8. I like the crane arm. I know it's not the first attachment people think of with a tractor but it does provide an interesting mechanical element. This set is an absolute must buy for me. I love everything about it already but the wheels made it probably the first set for 2h that I'll buy.
  9. To be honest I would as well as it is actually the kind of stuff I work with in my industry. I was just trying to be funny ;)
  10. I picked this up last week, I fell in love with it instantly. Here are some comparison photos of it next to 8842 (The first Technic set I owned)
  11. I only got my 8455 this year, and can definitely agree that it's an amazing set, especially given its smaller size. I probably had more fun putting that one together (and subsequently playing with it) than I have with many of the larger sets. I'm considering buying another one to display the B model alongside it
  12. Had to work in a city four hours away so I hit another toysrus and found another new set.
  13. I grabbed the only funny car at Mayfair (if you're talking about Mayfair mall in Victoria). There were several mine loaders left though