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    Please help with brick link (NEW) arghhh

    thankyou for your help
  2. hey guys ive new to brink links, LDD and LDD manager... im trying to start a new wish list with brick links but for some reason my screen does not look like the tutorial... there is nothing on the wish list page.. i need to "add a new wish lest and for some reason i cant.. mmm i need to abtain a wish list ID to put into LDD design ??? please help the photo above is the photo of the tutural here is what i see ????
  3. manton_90

    [MOC] Fire Station

    wow that is really well done.
  4. i have no tried it on both of my computers. same error both times, my desktop is running windows xp and my laptop it running windows 7 home premium
  5. Superkalle, i keep getting the error 3073 and shuts down when i press on ok. op system is windows 7 home premium can you help ? thanks mate sorry when i press ok it them comes up with ERROR: database file is Read-Olny. you need to make sure that the file LDD manager.mdb is not read only to run this software.... how do i fix this hahah