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  1. Well, I think this is a great step and I'm excited!!! I understand Technic-Kobaltz's wait, as I didn't get my ABS plastic track pledge until this week, but I'm quite satisfied. With the update, it feels like progress to me. I'll happily wait for my metal to arrive, as it seems like they're on their way. I wanted another couple of bags of plastic in the mean time so I placed an order yesterday, which has already shipped (minus the one still in production). I hope everyone has a great time this week with their family and friends…stay warm and take care of each other! Happy Holidays!
  2. southerntrainfan

    ME Models New Rail Color

    I also received a sample of one section - single length from ME with my last order of double straights. I agree…this silver rail really is nice looking!! (The pic shows the silver/brown ME design in the middle & one blue-gray ME double length. Their blue-gray matches color to the Lego blue-gray single & curve sections.) I just started building trains last winter, but I want to change my layout over to the silver/brown since I only have so much right now (from my City 60052 Lego set). I emailed ME and asked if it is available for sale because I didn't see it listed. They replied and said it will be posted soon, but they delay for release is because they want to take care of all the kickstarter backers first.
  3. southerntrainfan

    [MOC] Fire Station

    I absolutely love the color scheme…reminds me of cotton candy!
  4. southerntrainfan

    Winter Village - My 2014 scene, now on 8 boards..

    I agree! MORE!
  5. southerntrainfan

    ME Models Custom Track - A Review

    Yes, great review! All I have seen are nothing but rave reviews….and I can attest…love my larger radii!!!!!!
  6. southerntrainfan

    My 2014 Layout: a world in 35 plates

    Nice job…thanks for posting good ideas!
  7. southerntrainfan

    Horizon Express

    me too!
  8. southerntrainfan

    [MOC] Folding Bicycle

    pretty impressive and creative!
  9. southerntrainfan

    Orange Style House

    Love the colors…keep it!
  10. southerntrainfan

    Best way to do a kitchen?

    That CALI one is cool!!!!!!! LOVE the color.
  11. southerntrainfan

    ME Models has their track on eBay already? NOT COOL.

    As an original backer WHO JUST RECEIVED MY PRODUCT TODAY (1/9)… I have to say… WOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! I received my 2 bags each, of every loop size, for 8 bags total. They look incredible, feel incredible…and run even better! I definitely am happy to be rewarded for my patience. And for only waiting several months, compared to several years for me models, I can only imagine how good it must feel for them…BRAVO & CONGRATS!!!!!! As for the original post questioning extra sales before the KS backers…..… I don't know what that guy is talking about !!?!?!?!!!! … they provided updates throughout the KickSt process on their site and the KS site…posted on brick forum discussions, and have always answered questions directly to the consumer. And as a proud backer and supporter of their project, I plan to go out and buy some of the extra pieces they are listing… as other posts said, it helps them move excess and I get more parts to play with and expand my layout … NOW I'D SAY THAT'S A WIN-WIN FOR ALL!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: