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    Tatepon the Patapon

    Top notch, instantly recognizable ! That intricate design for the eyeball works very well, the result looks so smooth. Sweet sword too ! And thoses poses... that buddy is cute AND fearless, never a blink of hesitation ;)
  2. - The Dead are alive - "007 Spectre" opening scene anyone ? Día de Muertos celebrations are taking place in Mexico at this time of the year. I have always liked their atmosphere and aesthetics, and the way they honor the memory of lost relatives and friends in a colorful an joyful way. (yes, I do have a sweet spot for The Book of Life and Grim Fandango too) This is my best attempt at creating a float that could take part into the parade. I wanted motion, as much of it as possible. So it has : forward / backward moving legs / arms / head spinning platform (subtly) dancing mariachi All movements are linked together, speed is adjusted with the remote control. It also includes lights, because the parade does not stop at night ! Powered by : 1 M-motor - 3 PF lights - 1 IR receiver - 1 PF speed remote control - 1 PF AAA battery box (88000) + black light to enhance the night shots Please enjoy ! Link to the video (could not embed it, sorry) : El Dia de Muertos by autoreverse, on Flickr and a few stills : Thank you for passing by ! [First contribution by the way, after years of delightful lurking. Yay !]
  3. Gracias ! I did consider adding a hat (well, to me it is a man, so it would have been more of a top hat, like the one at the back) but I failed at designing one both big and light enough. Hence the bareness, and the float gets all the colors ! Very nice of you, thanks !
  4. That's super nice of you You rock Sir !
  5. ...and that makes 10 posts Files transmitted.
  6. autoreverse

    AT-TE 75019 motorized

    OP, are you still around ? Congratulations, your design is really inspiring. I would like to give it a try, mind if I share the result here or elsewhere ?
  7. autoreverse

    [MOC] BB-8

    The big one is simply beautiful. Good work on the small one too ! The studded head works surprisingly well even at this scale. Thank you for sharing !
  8. You rock, this is brilliant ! Did you use an existing algorithm to convert the patterns into instructions for each motor ? Too bad there are too few Mindstorms MOCs around here...
  9. They both tick so many boxes !
  10. I love one set MOCs : creating with what you have is what LEGO is all about, and only 2 official models per set always sounds so deceptive to me This one is fantastic, design and functions merge so well !
  11. Very nice reviews indeed, thank you ! Your pixel-perfect-pictures are eye candies
  12. I can't stop watching this. Truly mesmerising. Thank you so much for sharing !
  13. Sorry, I don't have a facebook account Let me try to unlock the PM feature... Just have to reach 10 posts
  14. Gentlemen, hold your horses ! (ahem) Hi there, First things first : Jason, I discovered your creations over a year ago and... well, to keep it simple, thank you for doing what you do. Each of your creation is a true piece of art, and the way you manage to bring some of them to life is nothing short of amazing. Icing on the cake (sorry), your videos are delicious cocktails of pedagogy and humor. Now to the point : I happened to build your horse a while back, and it was a LOT of fun. It was for a gift, but I kept pics and files (LDD + partial Ldraw) Since you seem inclined to produce instructions, I would me more than happy to help you save some time (your creativity begs for more of it, I bet) I am a bit too fresh in the neighbourhood to PM you, so the move is yours. Cheers from France !
  15. That is one very clever and inspired alternate model ! Hats off to you, Baelyrn ! And thank you for sharing your file. I built it yesterday and the whole family really enjoys it ! In order to make the crank smooth, I did have to replace as many mobile pins as possible with their available frictionless counterpart Also, not compulsory at all, but a motor surely adds to the magic I fixed the .lxf (rebuilt it actually, easier). Frictionless pins are placed on the wings and I also included mounting point for a M/L motor using spare parts only Here you go, please share and/or modify at will :