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  1. I recently picked up the idea of bricklinking some other UCS-sets... started with the DSII (10143) but soon came to realize, that this task will take about forever... it has some fairly common elements, but sooo many of them! Well, thats my project for early 2016, then. I started bricklinking the UCS AT-ST 10174 instead... I already had about a third of the bricks in my stock - mostly used and/or old gray but I wanted to give the model my own twist and that nice used look, anyway, so there was again no need to buy an original set. I'm still a few bricks short of the finishing line, but I wanted to show it anyhow, as I just put it together today. Heres what I came up with: As you can see, I added a multitude of mods to the model: - Added interior with stabilizers (no need for rubber bands anymore!) - Reworked the plating on the head, put the guns two studs to the rear - Added tiling to the head and legs - The motor was detailed after the studio model - Lower Blastshield for the front motor-section - Blaster cannon on the left and the chingun was reworked - I also added a top gun for the pilot (like with the oldschool Kenner toy) - Added "real" handlebars to the top - "Real Claws, no can actually count as weapons And a lot of stuff, I cant even remember... I just had the studio model pics on my screen, and tried to find the best way to translate it to LEGO. Hope you like it so far, I'll try to post better pics, when its al finished (after my last BL-order arrived from the US...)
  2. H_Solo

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    So, I finally finished the build. Thanks a lot to Raskolnikov for making this possible! Now for the new feet: And some more detailed shots for you to re-built it: I also used a 7l strut-piece in pearl silver and re-built the inner ankles of the feet:
  3. H_Solo

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    I think I found a viable solution to the small feet... as I'm in the building process right now and still wait for some parts to arrive I'll post some pictures of my approach to the AT-AT asap.
  4. H_Solo

    UCS B-Wing 10227

    Bricklinked mine last year... was a little cheaper than original (about 150€) but I changed a lot of details (mainly the cockpit) anyway so I didn't bother with an original set.
  5. H_Solo

    [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    Excellent, thank you very much! (I have about half a TIE lying around here anyway which is left over from my TIE Interceptor project...)
  6. H_Solo

    [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    Great Work! I think the Defender is one of the coolest ships ever. i'd really love instructions to this one... could you use a lot of parts from the standard TIE Fighter?
  7. H_Solo

    Arquitens-class Light Imperial Cruiser

    Phantastic build! I'd love to have plans for this one as well... doesn't look like too many parts... about 2500-3000 maybe? So it seems still kind of affordable...
  8. Picked up a used SSD 10221 today... little dusty, without box/instructions, but with all the figures and at the original price of 400€... very happy, and right in the middle of dismanteling it right now for cleaning and storing.
  9. H_Solo

    UCS R2-D2 modification to R5-D4

    Just have seen this again on the Brickvault Youtube channel... an absolutely awsome model! any news on the LDD file for the head/additional parts?
  10. H_Solo

    Phantom II MOD UPDATE II

    ...couldn't resist... the path to the dark side!
  11. H_Solo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Looks like the start of a collection with this little stand and the pin at the side... like you'll be able to collect and combine numerous figures.
  12. H_Solo

    A request on Rogue One Movie Spoliers.

    I've seen it in 3D and again in 2D with my son... as with TFA this movie doesn't really benefit from the 3D technique... its perfectly fine in 2D and has more of a "vintage" feel to it this way. Interestingly I enjoyed it more on the second viewing, where I could concentrate more on the details... and there are sooo many details to discover in this movie.
  13. H_Solo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'd be more than happy with a decently built new Tie Bomber set...
  14. H_Solo

    [MOC] Blade Wing Starfighter

    Excellent, I've been waiting for a model of this prototype, this is just perfect!
  15. H_Solo

    My (mostly) studless 10179 modification

    That looks really nice and sleek... i like it a lot! You could also add a little "shabby" look by adding some tiles in old gray (or even yellowed) Tiles. Great work, great inspiration.
  16. Hello again, I inquired about bricklinking an ISD already some time ago... a few weeks back, someone from a german forum offered me a re-bricked ISD with some painted parts... I looked at the pictures his substitutions spreadsheet and we agreed on a price. I received a very large box a few days later. Almost everything of the build were in the correct original colors...a very lovely old light gray - I changed some things and reordered some of the more yellowed plates so now it comes to 99% original... only the internal magnet holders are white or dark gray and of course the big wheels and the globes on top are still the painted substitutes... I took some pictures, where I have now set it up in my Star Wars room... Of course I also had to mod the engine section a bit, because the original model is sorely lacking in this department... I'm really happy to finally have this epic model in my collection... I must say, to me it is the single most impressive build in the Star Wars UCS line... (with the Shuttle Tydirium and the Millenium Falcon very close by...) Thanks for looking!
  17. H_Solo

    Bricklinked ISD 10030 (Mod)

    Thank you! I already put the front leg inside the hangar bay and closed up the other opening with some wedge plates... It gives the model more stability and balance right away.
  18. H_Solo

    Bricklinked ISD 10030 (Mod)

    Thank you! I might have to tear it all down again some day... For now I quite like the look of it.
  19. H_Solo

    Bricklinked ISD 10030 (Mod)

    Thank you guys! I saw your mod, mortesv and it must be the best detailed version I've seen... I love how you achieved the angles for the smaller engines... Would you like to share the secret? I'd love to copy that some time.
  20. H_Solo

    MOC UCS Y-Wing (10134) Clone Wars Era - WIP

    Very nice! I love the dark red color... Well done!
  21. Got the 10179 and the 10030 now as re-bricks... But i'd snatch any new set of those up in a heartbeat... Just for the sake of collecting!
  22. Unbelievable... This is a work of art!
  23. Bought a re-bricked ISD 10030 recently... Can't wait for it to arrive... Another gap in my ever growing UCS collection finally closed...
  24. H_Solo

    UCS R2-D2 modification to R5-D4

    Excellent work!! I'd like to do this as well... Any chance on some insight to the construction of the head?