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  1. for better grip maybe you can try printing two sections to silicone injection molding
  2. I can test your part with my printer and give you feedback on tolerances
  3. The quality depends mainly on the production process, the FDM process is good for the production of Lego pieces , but it takes a bit ' of work to get good results
  4. MarcoUbtz

    Longer Studless Beams

    Ok, so, first of all, have you experience with 3d printing and software (like cura, mattercontrol or simplify) ? I don't know that printer, but I can give you some tips and tricks for the FDM printers in general. Some example of 3d printed parts with FDM process and PLA DSC00513 by Marco Uaz, su Flickr DSC00514 by Marco Uaz, su Flickr DSC00515 by Marco Uaz, su Flickr
  5. MarcoUbtz

    Longer Studless Beams

    This are the measurements which I use --> Step1 by Marco Uaz, su Flickr
  6. MarcoUbtz

    3D printed offset uminog wheels

    I like the wheels, maybe you can add some details like hex nuts, i am working on something similar About the print i have an advice for you, use this measure for the cross hole, I use them for FDM/SLS/SLA printers and the results are very good Sorry for my bad english
  7. MarcoUbtz

    Effe's MOC Corner

    WOW! Really nice work on the crane's parts
  8. MarcoUbtz

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Marco aka MarcoUbtz. I'm from Italy and I'm 22 years old. My hobbies are PC Hardware, Computer Graphics and obviously Lego! I am a big fan of Lego Technic. I'm currently working on a realistic steering and drive live axle for my MOC. Marco