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  1. Thanks guys for all of the very informative responses to these questions. They are very helpful - a lot of things to read up on and think about. I didn't know that the passenger cars were the pricy part of the 10194. My main goal is to build my own cars and customize existing sets. I guess my plan of doing a PF version of the My Own Trains falls between the two.
  2. Here is the story: I'm a long time AFOL and have collected many sets over the years, but somehow have resisted trains. However, over the past several months I think I have caught the train bug and purchased my first real train sets, despite collecting themes such as Technic, Star Wars, Modulars and others over the past 20+ years. Mainly, I've acquired the cargo trains 3677, 7939 and 7898. All three of them are very appealing to me and I enjoy them a lot. I was also fortunate to obtain a Santa Fe collection several years ago, however, with no track or anything else. One thing I really like about trains is how easy it is to play around with MOCs for train cars. This is in contrast to MOCing with technic, which I find to be challenging, especially after a day at work. As someone who is new to trains, but long time into Lego, I would be interested in the following questions: - Given that we are in 2017, what is the best way of acquiring track, accessories, train parts (bogie parts, train wheels, etc.)? So far my strategy has been to acquire three of these cargo sets at good prices, and then work from there. - I noticed that some 9V trains are still easy to obtain at sane prices on bricklink (e.g. 4559, 4561). Should I jump on these or avoid these? I understand that these are 9V and I mainly have PF trains, but I was wondering about the general opinion on those sets. - The two real ones I'm after are a Metroliner and the Emerald Night, however, these are just too expensive right now. Are these actually worth it, or should I just give up? - What software do train enthusiasts to create scale diagrams of their tables and trains? Similarly, what software do people use to generate those mini-train signatures I used to see? - I really like the "My Own Train" series. My plan is to BrickLink the parts for the tops, and then build the bottoms via the modern PF wheels / magnets. Does anyone here have experience with an undertaking like this (ie. BrickLinking My Own Train sets)? As far as a system to use, my sense is that it is no longer cost effective to pursue the 9V route, therefore it would be wiser to just BrickLink these with the appropriate modern PF style conversions. - Long time train enthusiasts: Any tips or tricks you would like to share to a newbie starting out? (My objective is not to have a MISB collection of these expensive sets - rather I would be satisfied with a decent and working collection to play around with.)
  3. Much like many others, this wave seems quite bizarre to me. The upside to this is that I'll have more money to spend on other themes. 42069 looks ugly and 42070 is far too big and clunky as an RC set. 42068 looks fine, but isn't too inspiring either. Unfortunately, our reference point is 2016, which was one of the most significant for Technic, and these models are especially poor.
  4. Anyone willing to give a hint regarding where to find pics of 42068 or 42069 (or possible a dm)? I've seen 42070. Maybe there is more to the 2H 2017 lineup than these three?
  5. randomwalk

    2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Overall I am very excited about these. My only one hope is that they change the Mercedes F1 set to a light grey + sand green coloring rather than the current (and very ugly) white + green. It is impossible to look at that set and think it looks even remotely like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_in_Formula_One#/media/File:Hamilton_-_2016_Monaco_GP_02.jpg
  6. The boat and the BMW motorcycle look good. I would probably skip the rest of them as they seem to be directed toward younger audiences.
  7. Preliminary pictures seem to be available on Reddit.
  8. randomwalk

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    It seems as if there are two main reasons for retiring and quickly re-instating the death star 1. To increase the price 2. To slap on a Disney logo Even as a "rerelease" this makes no sense since the original (10188) was available such a short while ago. Why not re-release something that has been off the shelves for at least 5 years? Maybe they are getting orders from Disney executives who don't understand the meaning of the UCS brand, and are just interested in the bottom line and pushing the Disney name? This and the release of Assault on Hoth are setting a worrisome precedent for the future of the UCS line.
  9. randomwalk

    [MOD&MOC] Cafe Corner

    The exterior colour scheme is excellent. Overall it looks better than the original!
  10. randomwalk

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    It comes as no surprise to everyone that 75098 (Assault on Hoth) has departed remarkably in the wrong direction from the standard we are used to seeing in UCS sets. Universal complaints have arisen regarding its price, the fact that it is just a "4-in-one" collection of mini-sets, unworthiness for the UCS label and the seeming lack of effort in design and product execution. As adult collectors, we crave large, detailed and iconic representations of vehicles or objects that step beyond the standard playset designed to entertain kids. In the almost 9 years since the initial release of the 10179, we have witnessed an enormous drop in the UCS "brand" in terms of quality. Therefore leading to the following question: What went wrong? Does anyone with some bit of inside information know anything about why this set was produced? Is this a 1-time anomaly that they messed up, or is this a deliberate decision that is the beginning of a new style of "UCS" sets that are actually designed for children? I don't know the answer, but here are some plausible ideas: - We as AFOLs are oblivious to the actual purchasing patterns of the vast majority of Lego consumers (children). Based on market research, TLG has concluded that it is more cost effective to make these N-in-1 playsets rather than large 1-in-1 vehicles we are accustomed to. They have just slapped on the UCS label as a marketing tactic. Alienating the AFOL community is just a necessary evil in increasing their profits. - Disney has influenced the product design, pressuring TLG to make everything kid-friendly and ensure that anything with the Star Wars label ruthlessly pursues the bottom line. - Due to lack of organization or time, they hastily decided to rush this set through, without any thought. (Possibly something similar to the 10249 Toy Shop incident) - (Unlikely) The designers (including BrickCommander), came up with the designs for this set. I can't imagine why any self-respecting UCS Lego set designer would come up with an actual design like this. Watching the design video suggested that they are just doing their job, and inside they probably want nothing to do with this set. Unfortunately, looking at the trend of new UCS sets (e.g. 75098) and new modulars (Brick Bank and Detective's Office), I am fearing that TLG is alienating us AFOLs, with cheesy play-features, inflated piece counts (by including hundreds of tiny pieces), and rising prices. What ever happened to the days of Cafe Corner and 10179?
  11. randomwalk

    [MOD] UCS Slave 1 (anti-droop/bend when on stand)

    Makes perfect sense - I guess there are higher priorities at this point. Anyway, to reiterate - the 75060 was definitely one of the best UCS sets that I (and other fans I've talked to) have seen in a while. Amazing job @BrickCommander, and I'm looking forward to seeing what is in the future.
  12. randomwalk

    [MOD] UCS Slave 1 (anti-droop/bend when on stand)

    If Lego were to release a "modification kit" for the 75060, that would be the greatest thing ever. It could include: - Pieces to convert 75060 into Jango Fett's Slave 1 (I guess mainly the blue and yellow pieces) - Regular Jango Fett minifigure (with printed arms and legs) - Jango Fett clone minifigure - Young Boba Fett - 2 Kaminoans (Taun We + Lama Su) - Obi Wan minifigure If Lego were to produce something like this, it would be absolutely amazing. Currently there are no Kamino related sets at all (other than perhaps 7153), and that is my favorite scene from the prequel trilogies. @BrickCommander: Any prospects from something Kamino related in the future?
  13. randomwalk

    [MOD] UCS Slave 1 (anti-droop/bend when on stand)

    The level of complaint in this thread is quite disappointing. @BrickCommander: Thank you for designing such a great set - 75060 is one of my favorites and this "gap" issue is non-existent. It is obvious that the quality of construction of the UCS sets has improved dramatically over the years. I can't wait to see what is in store for next year.
  14. Could a moderator please put an end to this? Occasionally I visit Eurobricks for interesting and relevant information regarding Lego and in particular Technic. Recent content on this forum has suggested that it is no longer worth visiting, considering that no one has anything intelligent to say.
  15. randomwalk

    Unpopular LEGO opinions

    Here are some of mine: - I don't really like the 10179 that much. It is not bad, but doesn't deserve the mania it has. I actually owned one, but I found that it was difficult to display. It is hard to put on a shelf, and looks flat at eye-level. - The early 2000's were some of Lego's best years. - I don't mind these weird themes like Galidor, Znap, etc. - I can't stand collectible minifigures. - Lego Ideas has been very disappointing lately. I guess the formula is to select a movie / tv show tie in, make some "exclusive" minifigures, and make a small and overpriced set. - At the end of the day, adult collectors need to step bank and remind themselves that Lego is just a plastic toy, with its main target audience being boys (and girls) ages 6-12.