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  1. lyonfish

    [MOC] Batman's Bass Base

    Thank you. Thank you all maters. Yes, it can definitely contain the bat mobile. Thank you, I wish it could come true on LEGO Ideas. Thank you for reminding. Your are the expert. Thank you. All stickers were made by myself. No, they are actually from the bricks of 7784. =)
  2. lyonfish

    [MOC] Batman's Bass Base

    This work was based on Batman's Image who loves beat box in Lego movie. Transforming his Bat-base into "Bass" box, and adding some scenes in the Batman's movie which will be released in 2017. So, I use "Bass Base" as its name. Just for fun. Internal scenes: DJ stand with the speaker wall, this might be Batman's favorite. Lift "Hey mom, Hey dad, I saved the city again today. I think you are really proud" And the dinning room here, "I deserve this today, today I deserve it" (Batman with Lobster) Weapons wall Central control room It's the most wonderful thing to wear the pajama after a long long day. Front: vehicle runway. Batman's Vehicle: According to the six-wheel vehicle in LEGO Movie, to re-modify the size into one seat vehicle You could see more pictures in my flickr, and my project in lego-ideas. If you like it, give me a support to make it real.
  3. lyonfish

    (LDD) The LEGO MOVIE-Octan Transport Ship

    I guess your help works. The ship is collecting the supports now. Many thanks for your bribes. Visit here:
  4. lyonfish

    (LDD) The LEGO MOVIE-Octan Transport Ship

    This is my first time to submit the IDEAS. And my work is just submitted and be waiting for approval to get supports. It is still in the very earlier stage, so the vote is not opened yet. As soon as it's on getting supports phase, please don't forget to give me your support. :)
  5. lyonfish

    (LDD) The LEGO MOVIE-Octan Transport Ship

    LDD: Enjoy!
  6. Emmet and his companies in Lego Movie used this ship when they attacked and entered the building of president business. This ship also contains the Hyperdrive of Millennium Falcon. (R.I.P.) Against all angles in movie, it’s almost (tried my best) to be assembled. (Even in blue-ray movie, most views were not so clear, therefore some combinations and shapes were build up according to the moves of shadows, angels, etc., under my estimation.) Bricks q’ty: 1187pcs (figs are excluded) Visit my FLICKR Gallery
  7. Entry name: Devourer Gallery link
  8. Entry name: Chaos the Ripper Gallery link
  9. Thank you all for appreciating my work. although I think it's not so perfect. LXF file
  10. it's my creation :) LXF file ( The picture has been slightly proceeded by Photoshop. )