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  1. The Grove crane moc looks awesome. i am trying to build it also.
  2. Wow That's a great moc! Looks like the real machine
  3. Yes. i love it. a spectaculair model!
  4. RSL80

    [TC6] IS-2 Heavy Tank

    I agree, awesome model!
  5. RSL80

    [TC6] ESL 19-21 Side Loader

    That's a great looking model, just like the real one.
  6. RSL80

    [TC6] 3 Ton Linde Forklift

    Wow the Linde Forklift looks great. I have driven the real thing. Greetz Ron
  7. RSL80

    Walking Mini Cooper

    Didn't knew that it really exsists....
  8. Hello Pat, I'am interested in a Union Jack Sticker. How can i get one? In my opinion a Union Jack roof belongs to a Mini Cooper. Greetz Ron
  9. RSL80

    8110 - Unimog - MODs and Improvements

    Hello Pat-Ard, I love your Unimog U20. Did you use the original Unimog U400 chassis? Or have you chanced it a lot? Have you more detailed pictures of it. I want to rebuild your design. I can't send tyou a PM because i am a new member. Greetz Ron