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  1. I may upload some of the older designs and templates when time allows..... but also not very internet savvy so not entirely sure how. The super heroes did not originally have noses and looked strange without them. Not Lego style I know, but they seemed lacking as a simple Lego figure.
  2. Lots of pics but limited post size :( There are also custom giants and soon micro centaurs which add lots of diversity.
  3. They were first hand drawn but materials are just an inkjet printer and white sticker paper. Tried water transfer decal but they didn't work well.
  4. My son and I were very excited when Heroica and board games came out. They were fun and interesting and had lots of customizations open. We started to play around and also watch for new sets but a while back Lego announced that the board game line is now discontinued. We want more heroes and monsters so have been going nuts with making stickers. They allow for quick customization, many different humanoids, and don't damage the original ink. Heads and bodies can be swapped also. Works great! There are many other pics posted at the Knotty Toad Custom Lego facebook page, and under Heroica X on flickr.
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    Microfig Customs

    Wow! Blown away from the detail and hand painting. Definitely getting better with each one. I've done some hand painted and must say they are extremely challenging.