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  1. I like the bridge veichle and the tank. I second on that and you make them large!
  2. SkyPie


    I love all the detail and the variety of marine vessels and crafts. This is great!
  3. SkyPie

    [GBW] - Recon - Plantasea - The Birdwatcher

    Nice build! It's hard to build 'ugly' worn down and broken things but you made this alley just rigth!
  4. Great build! The addition of mine rollers on the tank and the smart use of nets as barbed is clever. And the size! You can depict an entire battle scene, wonderfull!
  5. Nice build! The rocket launcer is great, good idea to use the anti stud of the 2x2 round bricks as tubes! I like the support truck with the checkerd hood and the roof pattern with tiles and studs is clever and works very well. Intresting story with the mishap. Great work all in all!
  6. Grid E4: -Why are we given an ambhbius craf and sent here, crossing the river to look for real soldiers? -And you are not a real soldier? -We are all LOG coy (logistics)! -I guess the fast guys with NVG have better things to do. -We just need to find the AT team before they have rearmed and can assult the bridgehead. I mean, they can only realy hit big things anyway... -It's just crazy anyway. They are hanging out in a weather station a not far from here. Let's just comaflage this ugly car and get moving. We got the rockets if we need them.
  7. -Stop! I can see them! -What do you see? -They got a nasty MG outside the weather station. -Lets call the rockets. -Is that really nessesary? Our orders where to assult the position! -I'm not gonna look that MG straigth in the face. Give me the radio. SIERRA PAPA transmitting coordinates…E4 12 - 14 ROMEO LIMA roger, entering position…FIRE. Rockets inbound. SIERRA PAPA roger. -When they have touched down, we will run over there and just call it an assult!
  8. Thanks! Glad you noticed the mouse. :) I lack tiles in dark orange, otherwise i would be covered up. Thank you. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for the thorough, constructive feedback. Hoping to be able to scale-up and keep the detals. I will post more pictures next time. A big THANKS for the time, work and effort you put in to GBW!
  9. Haha! Yes they will! Erotema is a force to be reckon with. Thank you! Neither did I. :) Thanks!
  10. Great work! :)
  11. It's a powerfull MLRS and a good build. The bone detail adds to the feeling of beeing in the middle of a forrest. Good job!
  12. SkyPie

    [GBW] - Cp 02 - Plantasea - First (no)Blood

    This is good! You put a lot of effort in to the build and story. I particulary like the remote controlled vehicle.
  13. Thanks! Good to be your teammate too. Erotema will be a great nation. Thanks!
  14. Studica C4, Camp Caesar PT-Hall. Today I learned that yes, I can throw up from to many push-ups and yes, I can continue doing push-ups after a pizza-pie. The drill sergeant immediately leaned over me and shouted: 'Don't stop! Keep doing push-ups! I can see you like it! Are you dizzy?! Are you high from my PT?! You wanna be Lucy in the sky!? I will send you and your pie to the sky! YOU ARE THE SKYPIE!' He then eloquently adressed the platoon of recruits: 'Before I'm done with you today you will all puke your guts out!' Only 61 days left of basic training...The only way out of basic trainig is through basic training.
  15. Studica C4, Camp Caesar. It has only been two days of basic training and I already feel the need to write a diary. Just to try and get it all out. All the things you go through in basic training. I have my cousins words fresh in the back of my head. 'You are crazy brave for enlisting now when things have gotten really hot'. Well, rigth now i just feel crazy. Today's highlight was when the platoon stood up for three hours straigth and constantly singing The Calling to Erothema. Over and over and over again: From the bottom of our hearts we answer our true call. With the spirit of Caesar in battle we give all. When the foe is stronger, like brothers and sisters, side by side we fall. In eternity watching over Erotema in Caesars heavenly hall. All give some, some give all. EROTEMA WE ANSWER YOUR CALL. I know they are breaking us to rebuild us, but I feel like I hit rock bottom and have continued to sink. All I can think of besides that €%£#@ song is the drill sergeants comforting reassurance: 'The only way out of basic training is through basic training'. Comments and critic are welcome.