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  1. My favorite´s gotta be Battle Bones. I´m amazed how well you captured the bone structure AND the ability to hold minifigures with his "ribs", just like the actual toy. My least favorite, while all being fantastic, might be the Battle Ram. The shape seems off somehow. Kudos for going the extra mile and adding the ripcord to the Road Ripper.
  2. DJ Force

    UES Contact Light

    Great design. I really like the overall shape.
  3. DJ Force

    Your LEGO regrets

    Having had to sell Cafe Corner and Market Street when I was broke, and not having had the money to get the sets after Pet Shop, nor rebuying CC and MS.
  4. DJ Force

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    Gee, that topic dates back way before I even registered :D Now I´m not the Topic Killer, but the Topic Necromancer :D
  5. DJ Force

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    Hey folks! Just wanted to proudly announce that I am finally back at Eurobricks. After some years of raising children and not having time (or space) to do anything Lego at all, my kids are now old enough for Lego and thus I can start building again and sharing chitchat with all of you :) Glad to be back and hope to get in contact with all of you again in the future!
  6. DJ Force

    Impulse Laser Cannon WIP - input needed

    I deeply apologize for bumping such an old thread, but I just noticed I never said thank you for the color suggestions, nor did I answer Sinners last question. After a bit of hybernation I am slowly getting back to building, now that my kids are becoming old enough to play with Lego. So I will get back to some abandoned projects and I will build this cannon here as a stationary one. So I´ll go with orange, as Sinner suggested. Oh, and yes. I take this opportunity to announce that I am officially back to Eurobricks as your good old Topic Killer :D
  7. ALL of these models are perfect in every way. It was a real blast seing them up close (twice :D ) and a true honor working with you on the poster design :) Seriously, this thread needs more clicks and comments. Let´s hope I´m not the "topic killer" anymore :D
  8. I´ve got a spare, mint and sealed Winter Toy Shop 10199 in excellent condition for sale or trade. I´m looking for the Winter Village Cottage (can pay on top) for trade, or 70 Euros plus shipping or best offer. Please PM me with any offer.
  9. The time has come for me to sadly part with most of my collection. I already sold three of my beloved Modular Houses and the next thing to go are these beautiful, unopened sets: Creator 20011, Brickmaster Dump-Truck Star Wars 8031, V-19 Torrent Mini Star Wars 8028, TIE Fighter Mini Power Miners Rock Creature Minifig in bag Racers 7452 MAERSK Frighter Sticker Sheet Please PM me with any offer. More items to come!
  10. Well, the last high bidder backed out of the deal, so the Green Grocer is up for sale again. If you want to pick up this beautiful set, here's your chance! The set is 100% complete with original instruction booklets and box and everything is in very good condition!
  11. They´re still running for a little over 2 days. If you want them, act now! Tomorrow is the last day I can cancel auctions early!
  12. Didn´t want to, but I had to put them up on ebay now. If anyone´s still interested, here are the links: Cafe Corner: Market Street: Green Grocer:
  13. The really good price for the lot of all 6 modular houses is 1800 Euros shipped anywhere in the world! Time is working against me on this sale, but please don´t let time pass by until it´s too late! I really need to get these going before the end of this month!
  14. All PMs replied. Sets are still available. Please just email me your best offer. I might even make a REALLY good price if someone takes ALL the sets.
  15. I´m in talks with several folks. Just PM me. I´ll consider best offer :)