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  1. Mazin

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    good find! now only to find proper pants to go with it ;)
  2. Mazin

    [CONTEST] The Infamous Steve

    Need to dig into this @Mister Phes, if i may... Not sure about that strict time-frame, as Steve uses 18 century and late 18/ early19 century hats even in Your welcome post And Soldiers in Lego Pirate world use napoleonic shakos and uniforms. But i guess we all know that, and maybe a gremlin typed wrong era into the first sentence? So if we could maybe clear it up, to avoid confusion. I mean Lego Pirates is clearly set somewhere in the fairytailish version of pirates Golden Age, with elements from other eras used as well, and i guess it wont be a problem for Builders to stick with those centuries and no one will introduce American Revolution or any later napoleonic/victiorian/belle epoque/wild west elements... still, wanted to be sure if we can actually use those classic 18/19 century elements, even if they are in the wrong time period Cause maybe they are banned for the duration of Steve's Contest and we may use only proper 16-17 century elements
  3. Count me in. That is if i'm not automatically disqualified for winning the previous edition ;) Not sure if I'll be able to participate as efficiently as the last time - can't believe it's been one year already! - but it was fun, interaction with those proposed sets and Builders, observing how those creation were changed, and sometimes had things here and there changed due to my suggestions, was some of the best time of the last year for me, and i always like this kind of challenge. Anyway, wonder what kind of entries participants with bring into the Eurobricks this year and will surely follow to see what they've got. Maybe i'll build something myself this time as well, if i'll have a chance to excavate my Legos from the attic :) At start of First to 25 Challenges:
  4. Mazin

    [OFFICIAL] Bricklink Designer Program - Series 5

    Wow, so many nice entries. Anchor Cove is my favourite one, not a fun of those polished walways tho, but still it seems most original idea with so many features i'd be interested in, and generally it's the most playable pirate-friendly set of all ;)
  5. Wow, that's quite a lot of money. Curious, the product they will release won't be exactly the same as it looks now, right? Are they going to alter it a bit, to look more Lego-legit, like they did with Baracuda Bay? Or is it a final product?
  6. Mazin

    [POLL] The Next BIG LEGO Pirates Contest

    If You're looking for a title for this Contest i propose "Steve's Guide to Pirates Multimonkeyverse" to keep all the ingredients ;) Or "Legos of the Carribean: on Stranger Vibes" ;) As for Your Poll, I opted for Popculture, even tho i'm more into expanding Lego Pirates universe into more extotic, distant eras and areas ;) However, there are reasons why i opted in a more "conservative" way. Firstly, during the last contest whenever we talked about more exotic vibes, polar pirates, asian pirates, barbary pirates... etc, i felt that there was a strong "no" by many partcipants, as they prefered more classic approach, with all-time-famous carribean branch running the whole pirate business ;) My second reason is that keeping it with general popculture may be easier for builders and observers, as many folks here may not be that familiar with neither non-carribean sea dogs nor Monkey Islandv & Steve, and perhaps even more importantly, many may not have pieces needed to build attractions, scenes, characters connected with those more exotic cultures... It just might be too dificult to obtain proper headwear, weapons, or sails for say, an Indian Ocean cutthroat, or some straits of Malacca sea robber... So I think it will be simply easier to go with any pirate oriented popculture and more people will be able to find something to dig in, to participate in one way or another. Also, i have always felt that Lego Pirates was largely build on classic pirate flicks, so maybe now it's time for us to give back to that world... mimicking scenes and characters from our favourite titles, while creating something new and worth adding to the Lego Pirateverse, all while hiding Monkey Island references and Steve's cameos, plus introducing "distant" vibes here and there if anyone will have such desire, bricks and talent ;)
  7. Mazin

    FANtastic Photos of YOU and your LEGO Pirates

    At first i thought this was the same guy on the left, all grown up, then read Your description :) As for pics, i had a few, not sure if they were joyfull enough, but will try to dig them up from my excavation site in the attic ;)
  8. Mazin

    Which island type do you like the most?

    Classic - Printed Baseplate !!! There's just something magical in that design - without using any bricks or effort you already get an important peace of the play and the whole pirate universe, you automatically feel like you're on a beach, in a warm tropical setting ready for an adventure on an intriguing island... and there's no need to build anything to be honest, as during childhood years we often used it just like it was. Compare it with every other type - in all of them you still need to construct the whole damn thing out of sand and form it into an insular shape and to be honest, none of them look as attractive as the printed baseplate ;)
  9. Mazin

    [OFFICIAL] 40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle

    I actually like this one quite a lot, while i typically dislike modern town lego sets, this one is something i'd realy like to grab, as it's got this good old lego feeling, pure fun, with cool packaging and lots of playing possibilities, bricks usable in pirates world as well, nothing that would seem too modern... tho maybe one problematic thing is that pirate-park uniform, as it's not very likely someone would wear it outside of the park. I mean, usually with most of lego clothing we can do plenty of stuff, but operatore of a theme park, well, i don't know, it's not somethig a civilian or housewife would wear so it can only go with pirate-themed business - piragelato, pirazerria, nesspirates, pirate burgers etc ;) And i wonder about those walls with stickers, are usebale as proper pirate/soldier structures, or are these supposed to look like something from kids friendly area? ;) i guess it's up to the builder/owner anyway! ;)
  10. Mazin

    [POLL] Eldorado Fortress Assessment

    I'm surprised that so many people are pointing into Governor's office or obvious leaks in Eldorado's defences, but is it just Lego, a toy, not a superrealistic model of a fortress to be that detailed. So if i would look for problems i'd look for it somewhere else. I can name two so right away 1 - is that the head of my Governor is somewhat missprinted which never happened in my Legos before! But, i guess i can live with that ;) ( Did anyone else find this kind of defect in their sets recently? This particular one or any others.... ) 2 - someone who greenlighted those booklets with instructions should be kicked out for not thinking to put numbers on them, cause honestly, i freaked a bit when i saw them, but i manage to learn how to read them quick anyway ;) Still, this problem shouldn't even exist. To me that's a major flaw, and i saw some people online pointing out to that as well. So i'm rather suprised fellow Eurobrick members didn't note that ;) But booklets are not realy part of the toy... so when it comes to judging the toy itself... I don't know what to think honestly, i was very fortunate to be able to win this set, so i didn't have to buy it on my own, and after building it i don't know if i would try to get an another one. For parts maybe, sure, getting new bricks and in large quantities is always great, and it sometimes makes me even more happy then constructing the actual set. New muskets, new cannons, new animals, new faces... and there's plenty of them here. So that's already a plus. But the biggest problem to me is that building this whole thing... didn't feel like playing with Lego. Or maybe i'm just to much of a kid to fully understand what's 18+ category was all about, to be able to enjoy it as others would. Let me put it this way, if i could compare it to last two big sets that i bought for myself - i mean LOTR with Cave Troll scene, and Turtles Lair. And boy, as much as i'm not a fan of licences sets, those felt great! I absolutely loved building them, putting all the stickers, arraning all the parts on my shelf, and after toring them down i was always happy to build them again... and i can't wait to do it again. Building part was the kind of Lego experience i didn't even expect... after a long hiatus from the franchise in my life. The thing with Eldorado, was that, aside from constructing the ship, it didn't feel much like building Lego. Sure, it's better to be fortunate enough to construct such set and to put it on the shelf, but before i finished it up i honestly felt like a regular construction worker at times ;) I mean, some bit were fine, creating all those trap doors, ladders, even the crane, tap room, etc, those were legit Lego elements i was looking for. But building up that baseplate and fortifications... it was a nightmare at times! :P I mean, i understand that Lego changed and it's more detailed, but does it realy nececary to use dozens and dozens bricks just to construct a tower or walls? I mean, does every surface needs to be polished? And one this about the baseplate... i was constantly surprised that after building some very detailed segments the next step was to almost completely cover them by adding new segments! And i can't understand the point of doing that... Like, who's gonna enjoy all those detailed little tunnels that even a minifig want be able to explore? Minilego bats? Spiders? Maybe i didn't get something, but this part i didn't understand. Sure, using tons of elements to build those fortifications, towers and general baseplate did come with an amazing effect, it looks great in the end. It sure enjoyable as hell to be able to have such a view in ones room and i would have lots of fun with it if i was still a kid and i would actually use it as a playground ... But all those tunnels within the baseplate were kinda pointless to me. Then, most importantly, i'm not sure if i would like to building it again. It's honestly, like building a house, once you are finished with all the work you don't want to tore it down and start again ;) But again, maybe that's because i was targeting into something more kid-friendly, like the original, and i'm not a fan of more complicated adult-model-makers oriented approach. To me the coolest thing is that i did manage to get Eldorado after all those years, and that i now own so many elements i never had before and i could do so many things with them... tho i will seek to get the original version anyway as well. The thing is, i got some other toys from other classical franchises this year - He-Man, Skeletor and their battle mounts, and even tho those weren't 100% the same as 80s originals, they absolutely feel that way, and i was shocked i was actually able to buy them and they were the highlight of that year for me. It's like completing a lifelong goal to finally be able play with them. And Eldorado remake unfortunately doesn't have the same spark. Feeling were different. It looks great on a box, it looks great after being build, i like the addition of the ship, i don't think that it's crucial for it to be completely the same as the original, and i don't mind female heads that much... but it just doesn't feel the same... becaue it doesn't feel as the toy.... it doesn't give the building experience i would expect... So i would prefer it to be less complicated and more kid oriented next time, if they will try to reproduce it again :) BTW, now that they used that merchant vessel here and they probably won't reuse it in Imperial Trading Outpost, should they remake it too, i do hope they wil fill that gap with some other classic miniset from the franchise, like a pirate raft or islanders's cataman perhaps :) Actually mixing those elements between sets, "stealing" them from one to add to another one again and again, like they did between Eldorado and Trading Outpost, would be an interesting marketing idea :)
  11. Mazin

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

    One can never know, with all the crap going on in so many other franchises.... They even abolished monarchy in He-Man recently!... so let's hope they won't touch at least some things. Plus Lego is a family company so they MIGHT not be affected by controversial fasgions and strategies as much as other, just might. Then again, it's a private company and they can do whatever they want.
  12. Mazin

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    Wow! This is great! Your project looks even more awesome than the Fortress itself, seems much more playable now with open spaces, when compared to Eldorado's boxiness ;) That brown warf and water and all the details look fantastic. And i absolutely love the staircase with flowers :) Could You say what parts did You use or even make a tutorial? Did You combine it with any other specific set or did You just experiment with random bricks? If i could i'd buy me a second set of 10320 just so that i could build Your own design :)
  13. Mazin

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

    Yellow or death! I do have couple of sets with fleshies and don't mind them, but generaly i wouldn't never greenlight this idea, as it's clearly creating division within the Lego toyetic universe and often plays against basic Lego rules of elements from different themes fitting to each other for playability values - as some torsos/body parts from fleshies can't be realy used with parts from yellow figs and vice versa... Plus, it's Lego damn it. It can and should be simple in design, it doesn;t need to resemble characters that are being adapted that much, nothing wrong would happen to those intelectual properties if they would use yellow faces ( unless licence holders ordered them to do so? ) and most importantly, YELLOW FACES ARE LEGO :) So introducing different skin universe does indeed feel a bit like heresy ;) Still, if Lone Ranger or Lotr/Hobbit and POTC would come back and i would have money i would buy whole lots of them, whether they would be fleshies or not, cause after all this is only a toy and a good toy, and kids and grownup kids will always find the way to play with them ;)
  14. Mazin

    [REVIEW] LEGO 6279 Skull Island

    Very cool review. I actually like this set even more now, after Your presentation. it does look much cooler than on the box... which is unual ;) My only suggestion is too keep the music down a bit, it was too loud at the beginning of the video and created conflict with Your narration, tho later it seemed ok. Love that idea with moving a minifig on the stick btw, and wouldn't mind if You'd do a tutorial for it :) Unless it's already there among Your clips, will go trough them and check. Anyway, hope to see more of Your stuff. Oh, and i have to dissagree on one thing with You - pink and yellow are ok for me ;) Perhaps that boat would fit better in Paradisa or some other moderns themes that would profit from pastels and 80s vibes, it's might seem a bit of place for some, but the table itself was ok, as it corresponded nicely with black bricks :)
  15. Mazin

    [MOC] LEGO Pirate Christmas Creations

    wow, those are realy nice :) and honestly, at first, seeing the first pic, i thought You've simply uploaded more of Your AI generated images, christmas-themed, but it seems they are all classic builds :)