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  1. The Yellow Brick

    Best place for selling Lego?

    It's been several years since I've been on eurobricks so many apologies if this isn't the right place for this Topic, I was a bit perplexed as to where I'd ask this question. As the title suggests, I'm looking at the possibility of selling a substantial amount of my collection since its remained untouched since sometime back in 2012 and I'm a little lost as to what would be the best way to sell full sets? is there any sites that are created just to sell Lego or would the best route be something like eBay?
  2. The Yellow Brick

    Building a City..

    Depending on the size of the city it can be quite difficult to get the balance right between the large buildings (Modulars) and the Small buildings (City or Creator). If the City is very spread out over a large area then fitting both types of buildings can be a very easy task since you can easily fill in the areas between them, However if the City is quite small and compact then you might have to do some modifying to the Creator buildings to maybe increase the size, or alternatively redesigning them to fit in with the modular buildings. or might be more work, but you could try to decrease the size of the Modulars to give yourself even more buildings for the city (Might sound weird but could make some very interesting builds! )
  3. The Yellow Brick

    New Mannum 2012

    The amount of time and detail you put into the buildings is amazing They look very realistic on the inside and outside! Forgive me since I haven't had time to look back over the thread and look at the progress of it, but from what I've seen in the last couple of pages, it looks great so far! Looking forward to the finished product!! Giving me a lot of inspiration for my own town
  4. The Yellow Brick

    Lego Polar Xxpress 2013

    Here's a POV of the new ride. I really hope that this expands into a new theme, the Polar themed sets have always interested me but I never got a chance to get any. With all the new peices and designs we've seen in sets, it will be interesting to see what they can come up with for a new polar/arctic theme. Also that ride looks pretty good considering it's for kids Really want to ride that now!
  5. The Yellow Brick

    WIP MOC - Lego City

    Oh course I will! just need to make some space for it There are some close up shots of the beach on page 12. If you want any specific close ups feel free to ask I'll try and take some and put them up soon (its quite hard as its in such a small room)
  6. The Yellow Brick

    WIP MOC - Lego City

    Layouts It's been quite awhile since I've posted in this topic and here are the pictures of the harbour finally added to the city. I abandoned my City for a couple of months and when I returned it was extremely dirty (Found a few cob webs in some buildings ) so after awhile of going around it with a hoover and a brush I managed to clean it up. ready for its redesign (you will see why I want to soon) As you can see the Hillside house and the harbour have been added finally after sitting on a shelf for months. I had a small problem getting the house in properly as the table's raised slightly making the house rock. so thats something I need to sort out soon! The back side of the house, the baseplate the ice-cream shop on looks quite strange there now , I want to try and move that near or next to the beach more as it's beginning to look out of place. Nothing much has changed down this end except the addtion of the recycling bins that came in the 4206 Recycling Truck. However I've encountered a small problem with the harbour As you can see the ship cannot fit into the actually dock area. This is one of the reasons why the farm will be going underneath the City and I'm going to move the harbour down to the other side where the farm used to be. But for now I guess it's going to be a shipless harbour. Remember to leave any suggestions or comments on the City
  7. The Yellow Brick

    weirdest place you've found random LEGO?

    I've once found a minifigure body in the bottom of our fireplace coverd with dust and ash... Not sure how it got there but it was slightly melted Another place I found some Lego was under the carpet. It had probally been there years!
  8. The Yellow Brick

    2012 City sets

    Ahh thank you for that L@go , I'm planning on buying that and convert it into a shed or small garage for a farm!
  9. The Yellow Brick

    Review: 4441 Forest Police Dog Unit

    Thank you for this review Klaus-Dieter! I didn't know that yellow thing was a beehive I thought it was a lantern The car is really nice and the van as well. its a big improvement on last years police dog van.
  10. The Yellow Brick

    Review: 3936 Emma's Fashion Design Studio (Friends)

    Thank you for the review slovakiasteph. I know its been said many times before but these friends sets are turning out to be really good parts! and its a nice way to get the laptop cheap Oh and cannot forget the rare + new colours.
  11. The Yellow Brick

    The Future of Ninjago

    I honestly thought when Ninjago was first released I thought it was only going to be out for 1 year like some other themes. But I was surprised to see it last for longer. I've not payed much attention to the ninjago line but Im looking forward to see it in the future. The pirates vs ninja's does sounds interesting and if it is real then it would be interesting to see how they might turn out!
  12. The Yellow Brick

    Bitmap Graphics in Signatures

    There from here! and you put them in your signature through your settings.
  13. The Yellow Brick

    REVIEW: 4208 Fire truck

    Thank you for the review 'Brickviller'! None of the 2012 fire sets really interest me to be honest, not sure why but its probably because we've seen them all before in the past . However the trees really do look nice and those new pieces will really come in handy. I really hope Lego consider releasing those types of tree on there own along with some other builds or accessory! Love the picture at the end !
  14. The Yellow Brick

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    those sets all look really nice, especially the desk! Thanks for the pictures Whung!
  15. The Yellow Brick

    2012 City sets

    Not 100% sure if these have been posted before but I've found 3 reviews of some sets And