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  1. moustic

    Shell Chemical Plant

    Shell stickers are not so hard to find, but there is also the small red and yellow line. I never seen this as sticker before. That's just perfect !
  2. moustic

    Shell Chemical Plant

    Where did you get stickers for the shell wagons ? Is it possible to buy such ? I'm very interested ; -)
  3. That would be wonderfull if lego could release the powered up train motor in red ! and the decorative sides as well !
  4. moustic

    [MOC] Farm Shop

    I think soon another shop of the same company will open in my town ; -) I really love the desgin !
  5. moustic

    12v Half Straights (with geometry possibilities)

    this one is an illegal one ? this is short-circuit !
  6. It is a really great software ! I love it. my preferred way to control trains @home is via physical buttons and remotes are not the best for this. Do you think it could be possible for your soft to support input/output from MIDI devices ? that would allow to use cheap studio device such Korg NanoKontrol2 or NanoKontrol Studio. I can imagine moving train with pots and having light feedback for switch positions, moving switch via button press. that would be so great !
  7. moustic

    BR51-761-5 (Octrainber 2018)

    the BR52 at Mariembourg in Belgium has this kind of tender :
  8. I had in mind that 4.5v motor had screws on top in order to open them ? also, there had spare parts available for this, some replacement bushes :
  9. Obvious ! I would pay for that !
  10. would it be possible to share your .stl file in order to try printing these beautiful wheels ?
  11. moustic

    4512-2 train converted to PF (but it slips)

    Did you replaced the 9v motor of the loco by a free wheels bogie ?
  12. Did you try to have the last free axle fixed ? as it is simple wheels, as they are first they will follow curve pretty well as a short wagon. it is then up to mobile and attached one to move.
  13. moustic

    10257 Carousel + M-Motor =Trouble

    I had the same issue here. My first though was to dismantle the set and to rebuild it to check all gears. It improved the case, but same problem occured again after few times.
  14. few times ago, I mad some test too. What I remember is to always do the test with multiple chassis.. because the last one never reacts as the others. being coupled front and rear give better result.
  15. Where Can we Buy your switch ? on they are not to sell. I'm very interested by your product and I want to make sure to NOT buy a copy ! I'm still hoping a 3-way switch in the future... regards