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  1. Hi there guys! I sign up. I will be in the same challet as Copmike (Think he will be responsible).
  2. Congratulations! That is one crazy lay out you created this year. Really great to see the film of it and getting it all explained a bit. Could probably be twice as long to get all the jokes that hides in there.
  3. Mine is done in LDD, will just build it now as well.
  4. Ras 74

    Event countdown 2016

    Getting really close now!!
  5. Ras 74

    Billund '16 trading post

    Still got C3PO´s Holo? I can take2 if so please!
  6. Ras 74

    Eurobricks Event 2016 - Chalets

    Looks good to me too.
  7. I would like to come for sure and mechamike as well! So we are 2 (mchamike cn´t sign in right now , but wilreply tonight). We can maybe stay in Mortens chalet?
  8. Ras 74

    Review: 21303 - WALL-E

    Awesome review Ecclesiastes! A really cool model that will look great on display.
  9. Ras 74

    Ghostbusters HQ/Firehouse LDD File

    Thanks for sharing the model in LXF. It is a really great house! Do not know if I will build a replica ever, but now I have the possibility to do so ;)
  10. Ras 74

    [MOC] Queen Amidala Overlooks

    Awesome scene AC! Glad you did share this one and that it was not just lost.
  11. I will come for sure. Swedish delegation is this year twice as big with 12 members attending.
  12. So I was told there will be a 10 Event anniversery. I can not say I have been to all of the events anymore. But I do want to come to this one! Count me in.
  13. I read this to late, but was surpriced to meet you and the rest! Great fun, will definatley be going again.
  14. Hope you will have a great day! And thanks for beeing such a great Admin at Swebrick!
  15. Are you going with Brikkelauget?
  16. Me and some Swebrick members will be there as well. Just heard that Christian will come as well. See you there then Quarry ;)
  17. Ras 74

    Happy Birthday Bonaparte

    Happy Birthday Boney! It is the most important that you feel young, then you are young as well ;)
  18. Ras 74

    Modular Madness - Winners!

    WOOOHO!! Two winners in the competition from Swebricks! Congratulations guys, very well deserved. Nice prizes as well.
  19. Ras 74

    Brickworld Chicago - Best Group Layout!

    Congratulations to Eurobricks! But mostly to everyone participating,,
  20. Ras 74

    Happy Birthday Sinner

    Have a happy happy birthday! Hope you had a very good day today.
  21. Ras 74

    EB Event Billund 2012

    Got to love Holodocs new avatar
  22. Ras 74

    EB Event Billund 2012

    "Stupid is that stupid says my momma says". You will loose points in the overall game Since I like you, you can borrow mine
  23. Ras 74

    Review: 10225 R2-D2

    Great review! Cover every angel in a brilliant way. A set that I definatley can see sitting on my desk.
  24. Ras 74

    Hello everyone!

    My on-line name is Ras 74. I am not really new, but I have been away some time. Feels like forever to me. There are so many new names and persons all over the board. So I just felt to drop a line here. Feels like a good way of coming "back" a bit. Also hope that the EB Event 2012 will help that out to some extend. See you around boys and girls!