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  1. Brainbox

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    I'll give you that one then, if it's within the issue itself. Stuff like that really bugs me... I believe the first issue was out last week, with the second to follow at the beginning of November.
  2. Brainbox

    Serenity - A LEGO Firefly Creation

    Ooh, pretty! I happen to be rather partial to a bit of Firefly, so it's great to see this! I like the way you've incorporated some light into the engine, it really takes the whole thing up a notch. Great work!
  3. Brainbox

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    Having finally seen the new pictures, I have to say that I like, even if they do bear an eerie similarity to the sets of old. But you know what, I don't care a jot! The minifig updates are gorgeous, we get a set with Supes, WW and Luthor (!) and we get more Bat-vehicles. And as any Bat-fan knows, there are never enough Bat-vehicles. And wait a moment, do I see '66-esque Bat-labels in the cave? I think I do! The possible Marvel set names sound interesting too. I'm particularly interested in seeing that separates an Avenging Cycle from an ordinary motorbike.
  4. Thanks for the birthday message my friend, much appreciated!

  5. Brainbox

    Happy Birthday Erdbeereis & Brainbox

    Cheers guys! Also, a Happy Birthday to my fellow birthday-er!
  6. Brainbox

    Where we are proud to be British

    It's been a thoroughly nice few days! I nipped out wearing a leather jacket the other day... Bad idea, I think I started to cook! Typical though, as soon as my birthday came round today, the sun vanished...
  7. Happy Birthday, Brainbox! :)

    May the following year be filled with new ideas and LEGO! Not to mention enough funds to get all LEGO Superheroes sets you want in the desired quantity! )

  8. Brainbox

    UK Sales

    Hmm. This disappoints me. Although I read that Asda were going to be stocking them (?), so I shall have to look there this week.
  9. Brainbox

    UK Sales

    Liverpool had the iPod game and (I think) the Winter Post Office out today, but they said the Pudsey was in the back ready and won't be on shelves until Monday. They seemed disappointed about this wait, mind, so I think it must be a Children in Need rule.
  10. It'd be nice if this time we could send off for them all together like we could in the old days of the Mirror promos. I doubt we'll be able to, of course, if we couldn't last time. We students can't get to Smiths every day, see...
  11. Brainbox

    Where we are proud to be British

    Perhaps we should have a tea break, then get back to the running out thing all refreshed?
  12. Brainbox

    MOC: G1 Optimus Prime

    Wow, I love it! Particular kudos for managing to hide all the joints so seamlessly in truck mode, always one of the more difficult things to do. And he's posable to boot! Plus, well... come on, it's Prime!
  13. Brainbox

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    You mean he doesn't normally? I really must get round to reading the New 52s I've picked up, I've got a bit of a reading backlog going on at the moment. While I'm not sold on some of the changes that have been made, I'll go in with an open mind. The old stories are still out there, waiting for me to buy all those stunning trades and hardcovers anyway.
  14. Brainbox

    REVIEW: 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

    Thanks for the review. I have to say, nice as I thought this set was from having seen all the photos emerging, it wasn't really one I wanted... Until I spent a while today examining it in the window of the Lego shop in Liverpool, and I have to say, I think I've fallen in love with it. It's gorgeous!
  15. Brainbox

    [MOC] Gotham City

    Ooh, I'm liking! A nice atmospheric scene, combined with some rather unusual "Gotham-y" building designs makes for a very nice result! I shall be following with interest.