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  1. Set # 853 called and wants your lunch money. Getting the Ferd because of the dark blue stuff, triple curved panels are yummy, glad they're still making cars that fit the car transporter.
  2. Yeah, I'd like to see that video, chief.
  3. Corner rear lights just seem like 4x4 macaroni tiles to me, held together with some black pieces.
  4. These are some great models with excellent functionality. I'm especially charmed by all the cargo.
  5. You do understand that technic exists by the grace of large numbers of people actually buying the sets, right? Lego can develop and produce sets at this price level because they sell them by the literal millions. A specialised set developed just for the 'advanced' builders you apparently count yourself as would cost double or triple their current price, if they were developed at all. So do your advanced building and make a better model yourself. Unless you can't work without instructions, I guess.
  6. Didn't your parents ever tell you to say "please"?
  7. The answer to each and every question in the line of "why did Lego do x?" Money. There you go. You can get off the internet now. Nothing more to see here. They figured that a vaguely accurate model would sell better than no model at all. It's nothing personal. Promise.
  8. It's just the reality of production. Lego needs to have its final model ready months before release, while McLaren can decide on a new sponsor or paint scheme yesterday.
  9. Hate to be this guy, but: Source? Even with the currently "ecologically" produced parts, Lego has stressed that while the source of the material was less damaging to the environment, the material itself was 100% identical to what was previously used. Source
  10. I think the cockpit just flips up and down, and that the bottom has another one, like with these: (So the wheel on top of the cockpit we see now pushes everything to the top when it flips)
  11. Having seen similar competitions on youtube, we got inspired to do one of our own: Caution: this is 10+ minutes of bad maneuvering, dropped cargo, and unprofessional commentary. Hope you like it. Pictures of my team can be found here: I've invited my co-conspirators to add their own pictures and videos to this thread, so watch this space if you'd like to know more.