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  1. Now that you mention it, yeah! I really love the corkscrew part in the middle. What's the part that gave you most trouble? I bet it's attaching and detaching the chair from all the different mechanisms.
  2. Mods, please don't move or delete this- it's still technic Following TwinLUG's Micropolis standard, you can read about it here: It didn't have space for electronics, but I had to add a mechanism of some sort. I think it's a really efficient use of space.
  3. Built for an upcoming competition.
  4. mahjqa

    Half beam problems.

    I can't recall this ever happening to me. Y'all treating them right? Temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress don't go well together.
  5. mahjqa

    General Part Discussion

    Anyone know what the wheels in R2D2's side arms may be? They seem to have the new 8-tooth gears inside.
  6. Another solid build. Would've preferred more slowmotion shots, maybe.
  7. Once again a very impressive creation, it's great to see the variety in all of your builds. I was very impressed by the first-person part of the video.
  8. mahjqa

    Tank type: Muscle car ;)

    Sweet idea, good looks. Really like the lime/black assymmetry.
  9. I recently got the Speed Champions Mini, and was surprised to learn that the mudguards also accomodate bigger wheels. After a lot of tinkering, I managed to fit a Friends figure and a steering wheel inside. (Friends cars often don't have steering wheels. This is unacceptable :p) There won't be any instructions, but hopefully this helps some people who want to build their own:
  10. mahjqa

    [GBC] Roulette

    You're probably thinking of Akiyuki's basket shooter. It's a very nice module, I really like how well the decoration turned out.
  11. mahjqa

    [MOC/TECH] 6-wide cars. There may be stance.

    Not just that. It's impractical, dangerous, and technically illegal in Quebec. Then again, if everything just needed to be practical we'd all be driving Volvos.
  12. I'm sure no hostility was intended- tone of voice is notoriously hard to get through on the internet, nuance is lost easily. Great model, really dig the camera gimbal.
  13. If you want to build your own car with ridiculous suspension, here you go: More pictures: For any "what part is that?" questions, please refer to: 3L (Bar Arrow)&category=[Bar]#T=C 5 x 2 x 1 1/3 with 2 Holes&category=[Bracket]#T=C
  14. mahjqa

    SBrick General Discussion

    Actually including a link or name might improve your chances getting an answer.
  15. For anyone moaning about the price: that's the cost of advertising. And since this thing is all over the news now, it has obviously paid off. They just had to build it, all the publicity they're getting from it is 100% free.