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  1. mahjqa

    [GBC] Roulette

    You're probably thinking of Akiyuki's basket shooter. It's a very nice module, I really like how well the decoration turned out.
  2. mahjqa

    [MOC/TECH] 6-wide cars. There may be stance.

    Not just that. It's impractical, dangerous, and technically illegal in Quebec. Then again, if everything just needed to be practical we'd all be driving Volvos.
  3. I'm sure no hostility was intended- tone of voice is notoriously hard to get through on the internet, nuance is lost easily. Great model, really dig the camera gimbal.
  4. If you want to build your own car with ridiculous suspension, here you go: More pictures: For any "what part is that?" questions, please refer to: 3L (Bar Arrow)&category=[Bar]#T=C 5 x 2 x 1 1/3 with 2 Holes&category=[Bracket]#T=C
  5. mahjqa

    SBrick General Discussion

    Actually including a link or name might improve your chances getting an answer.
  6. For anyone moaning about the price: that's the cost of advertising. And since this thing is all over the news now, it has obviously paid off. They just had to build it, all the publicity they're getting from it is 100% free.
  7. mahjqa

    Quick question on battery boxes

    Been using mine ever since they came out. No signs of degrading yet. And I use them plenty.
  8. mahjqa

    Quick question on battery boxes

    Size is identical. I recommend you get the rechargeable one anyway.
  9. At our Lowlug meetings we try to have some varied competitions. This one was the latest: Explanation of the rules is in the video itself. If you want to skip those, just skip to 33 seconds in.
  10. mahjqa

    Axle colour - which would you prefer?

    I think the system Lego uses works. Typically, when it's absolutely CRITICAL that the right length of axle is used, Lego pulls out the red and yellow axles. Since that's likely inside a model, that's perfectly fine for me.
  11. Power seems to be a problem. Boost didn't last very long on AAA cells, and this one doesn't either. Let's hope there's a AA battery box and/or rechargeable battery in the future. I also hope the app gives more functionality- the motor-dependent control scheme seems a bit inflexible.
  12. mahjqa

    Lets talk color vomit

    Yes it does. The LBG pins are for styling and exterior. The orange ones are for the inside and the mechanics. With the mechanics, exact placement of the exact right part is ESSENTIAL. We're talking Lego Technic here, not Lego A e s t h e t i c. If someone mounts a rearview mirror wrong, the car will still work. If only a tiny single part of a gearbox is misaligned, that gearbox will malfunction or just simply seize up. So, where it's important, there is color vomit. Where it isn't, they use whatever color works best.
  13. mahjqa

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I'm not really sure about that. I'm pretty sure that if you put a driving ring above the selector, it will do the exact opposite as the driving ring below it. So you can't really operate those two independently from eachother with just a single selector. Same thing with putting one to the left and the right of the selector.
  14. mahjqa

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I was willing to let the "color vomit" comments go until this one. Look. Dude. 1- There's a three-length tan coloured pin sticking through one. So that blue 20-tooth gear can't have an axle hole. 2- It's actually used inside a gearbox mechanism, you can see the part where it engages just like the red 16-tooth clutch gear would. If YOU don't have the mental faculties to distinguish one 20-tooth gear from the other, what odds does your typical 12-year old have? Hence the color vomit.
  15. I'd like to sign up for team "if you don't like it, quit your whining and do it yourself". Because, you know, it's Lego.