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  1. E-100 super heavy tank

    That's some solid work. The renders look really nice, interesting to see how the drive motors are set at an angle.
  2. PF Motor Power

    All the motor info you'll ever need is here:
  3. What to LDD?

    Tommy Styrvoky actually ran with it. Here's what he has produced so far: Sadly, I haven't had time to do some good work on this myself yet, but I hope his work helps you along. Tommy, thanks for helping out.
  4. I think it's a pretty decent set. Then again, I also think that gearboxes add literally zero playability*, so make of that what you will. *If they're used to power different functions, that's brilliant. If they're used to move the pistons at 6 separate barely distinguishable speeds, I'm not impressed.
  5. Conveyor belt

    I would advise against crumbled biscuits; that stuff will get everywhere, jamming up gears. Also, it'll slip through every tiny crack there is. I wouldn't be surprised that stuff left behind will get pretty funky after a while. I've seen other folks use coarse sawdust (I suppose like the stuff for hamster cages). It's light, airy, doesn't biodegrade as much. Personally, I'd look for some sort of plastic solution. Perhaps buy tons of regular technic pins? They're very cheap on bricklink if you buy them in massive quantities.
  6. Excellent solution, great camera work.
  7. The model looks very nice and functional, but did you just lock that angle connector #2 inside that 7x5 frame?
  8. Indeed.I'm sure that in time we'll have third-party solutions, but as far as I know Lego themselves have no intentions of releasing software for PC or Mac.
  9. So, if I turned any of these things into an LDD file, which one would you prefer?
  10. Technically, not much. I just made it look a lot better. Also, I built the environment (rocks, crashed spaceships, dunes and so on) It was very much inspired by that game. I'll try and see if I can get some done. If the nanofigs (without base) are 2 meters high, Khagaan would measure about 182 meters in length. A Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is around 332 meters long. I'm not really great at naming. What would you suggest? That's so cool! I hope you'll post it here. And everyone else, thank you so much for your kind words. It's been a long haul, but it was worth it.
  11. An estimated 25000 parts, 9kg, 109cm long. (That's 20 pounds, 43 inches). For Lego Space builders there's a tradition: SHIPtember. Each September, any Lego fan can try to build a SHIP. (Also known as a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts). It's typically for spaceships, but I think landships work just fine. Minimum length of 100 studs, preferably to be built in a single month. Khagaan took three. The two smaller vehicles took a month each. Now I've finally finished filming and editing, it's Shiptember again. So in that way, it's perfectly on time :) More pictures:
  12. So, how I expected the poll to go: 1- Power functions 2- Mindstorms 3- Premade Lego RC base 4- Sbrick 5- BuWizz 6- Other To that poll, my answers would be: 1- Power functions if the model is slow and/or used mostly indoors 2- Sbrick if the model needs precise control, needs to work both inside and outside without interference, and if I can be bothered with their software. So yeah... put me down for "fully remotely controlled".
  13. To those who are wondering about the capabilities of the programming environment, I tried to illustrate some bogus programs: So you get your loops, if->then statements, mathematical operations, access to sensor data and dog knows what else. To clear screen space, programs can be "wrapped up", as in: multiple screens full of instructions can be represented by a single operation square onscreen. Sure, you're not going to build the large hadron collider with this thing. However, this still seems like ample functionality to me, and that's just after playing around with this for 5 minutes. Some more pictures of programming blocks: (Not really sure what all of them do; there's no text, and my batteries gave out)
  14. Some instructions are online here: (The 3D printer/factory model is there, though). As far as I know, the app only runs on tablets, no computers or cell phones. That is until the coders get their hands on it, of course. (Seeing how many people still prefer studded construction to the studless stuff, this should be right up their alley).