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  1. Thank you, the constraints of the predetermined chassis spec did limit the speed of the model. They should of geared it up some more.
  2. Thank you, yes it was in Ludicrous mode. The gearing BuWizz used in the chassis limits the speed a bit, it still goes great tho
  3. Hello Everyone, This is my Entry for the BuWizz small car competition, it is a RC Lime Green Hot Rod called the "Mean Green Machine". Check out the video Below, Everything is in there - i hope you like my small RC Hot Rod
  4. Here is my Entry, Check it out - Good luck everyone
  5. Green Gecko

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, i would like to setup my buwizz to be controlled via a game controller. What do i need to set it up? And what controller is best for this app you created? Thanks
  6. ok thanks, i am new to this forum. i will use normal text
  7. Can you tell me where you heard about the new pneumatic valves? I am interested also. Thanks