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  1. Looks really nice, and as far as I can tell the mechanics are solid as well. Would love to see this in action. Really dig the rear light setup, too.
  2. I'm really delighted with this car. It just oozes class and style. The shaping really works. It can't have been easy to put all all the PU components into such a tidy package. At least we don't have to integrate a separate receiver piece anymore. I also like that we both looked at Lego's own Top Gear Rally car and thought to ourselves: "well, this could use some improvement!" amorti: Using Lego's own 42109 app severely limits acceleration, even with a properly built vehicle. A third-party app like Brickcontroller2 is a must if speed is your thing. The PU components themselves still add quite a bit of weight, so building small helps a lot.
  3. I think we can all agree that Lego's own 42109 Top Gear Rally thing wasn't really all that. In order to improve it a bit I set out to build a rather popular car with it. Turns out someone beat me to the punch Some trickery was used to create the GIF- the Porsche itself is stationary, while the light moves. Functionally, the model is identical to the 42109, with some added lights. Luckily, performance has been improved by using Imurvai's Brickcontroller app. In a pinch, Lego's own app will work as well if you don't mind about the lights staying off. The dimensions are the based on the 42093 Corvette, so it should work with the 42098 car transporter. Underside with differential. (What, like it's hard?) Also note the extremely tidy cable management Given my typical production speed I should have a video out somewhere around christmas.
  4. Still tinkering with it. The orange one is a bit faster (1:3 speedup from the XL motor) but it relies on a 8z gear, so I don't really trust that...
  5. I was wondering about one of the rules, specifically: Now, this can be interpreted in two ways: 1- Don't make empty topics just to claim an idea 2- Every TC17 topic needs to have work-in-progress pictures to be eligible in the competition. Pretty sure point 1 is true no matter what. But how about point 2? There's a lot of topics popping up with no work in progress pictures, just a finished model.
  6. mahjqa

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    I'm quite a fan of the scale. I also wonder about attaching just the "Fast and Furious" brand. That's not a car brand. Maybe they're keeping the car brand itself under wraps for now, but I hope they don't go the "Top gear" way and don't rebuild an existing car at all.
  7. mahjqa

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Tell me they weren't thinking about F&F when they designed this: And that's something I like. It's loud, it's dumb, it just needs a bit of refinement and functionality. But my dream series would be an entire lineup of Corvette-sized cars, all in screaming colours. But that's not going to happen.
  8. mahjqa

    Powered Up code block guide

    Thank you so much for this work, figuring all this out must have been a ton of work. I'd completely missed the "custom controller" blocks, those seem very interesting.
  9. mahjqa

    [TC17] War Trike

    Very impressive model. You don't have any problems raising the "bridge"? It seems like the mini LA's might have a hard time. Very curious to see it all in action.
  10. mahjqa

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Powered Up

    Lovely model. Very recogniseable, very tidy.
  11. mahjqa

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    Are there people arguing for moderation, taste and subtlety for a Mad Max creation? Y'all want dry water next? Glorious model. Love all the colours and tiny little details.
  12. Looks like a fun model, nice to see you even fit some suspension in there. Custom batteries are not my jam, but you do you.
  13. mahjqa

    [MOC] Battle Trak from Rock n' Roll Racing

    Very recogniseable, very authentic looking. The speed and maneuverability is top notch too.
  14. mahjqa

    RC Extra Large Spider MOC

    It's got the exact right amount of skitteryness.
  15. This was a very quick build, but hopefully it's of use to someone. Today, Lego updated their Control+ app to include support for the 42109 Top Gear rally car. I wanted to try it, but since I already have a 42100, I really don't want to spend the extra money for the new set. Also, I really wanted to have the model 15 studs wide, so it'd be more in scale with the Corvette and the Car Transporter. As far as I can tell, this chassis should work just like the original 42109 set. Wheelbase and steering geometry are basically the same, and the smaller wheels and different gearing cancel eachother out, so it should also be just as fast as the original. Of course, the design could use some tidying up and some panels, but I think it's a good start. So if you own a Liebherr or a 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader, you can now use your existing Powered Up motors to play with a set you don't actually have. Flickr album:
  16. Theoretically, yes. However, you'd either have to give up the 15-stud width, or the properly secured axles.
  17. Control+ app has updated, now includes the rally car. I'm tearing the motors out of my Liebherr to build a miscolored replica to see how it works. Edit; apparently it only dropped on Android, Apple doesn't have it yet. Good news: return to centre steering works excellently. Bad news; the controller wants to mimic a real car with a gearbox. So even if you put the thing in "automatic", it pretends to cycle through different gears to accelerate. Realistic maybe, but I value speed over realism. So far, I haven't found an unbridled driving profile just yet.
  18. We haven't seen Lego's official app yet, and I'm sure it has a return-to-center function. The new motors have rotation sensors, and the Liebherr already uses them to be aware of where the digging arm is. It needs to be calibrated every once in a while, but it works very well.
  19. Called it; 5 12z gears inside the diff. Sadly, Lego's own Control+ app doesn't seem to be available for this model just yet.
  20. On the other hand, the LBG gear housing does look like it would accept a clutch.
  21. So, diff is 2 parts, a gear and a housing. Also, there's 5 tan 12z gears in the set, I bet they all go inside the diff. It's got 120 degrees rotational symmetry, so that would fit just right.
  22. I think it's mostly due to the audience. It's got to be sturdy because kids WILL bump into everything, and that doesn't help the looks. Colours seem mostly tame to me. And as for performance; it seems to be pretty much on par with the vehicles here, most of which are built by AFOLs unconstrained by the limitations that Lego has. Price is still ridiculous, though.
  23. What stands out to me is that Lego tries to boost sales of the smaller Powered Up sets by adding a license to it, just like the App-controlled Batmobile. I'm curious about the new diff, but not curious enough to spend €130 on it on the first day.
  24. Now that you mention it, yeah! I really love the corkscrew part in the middle. What's the part that gave you most trouble? I bet it's attaching and detaching the chair from all the different mechanisms.