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    Chemistry, physics, music, coffee, metalworking, Zelda, Dungeons & Dragons, MLP:FiM, food, politics, science in general. Also, not LEGO.


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  1. UniqueBuilder

    Happy Birthday UniqueBuilder

    Thanks, guys! I got some money and a Nintendo 3DS, but no LEGO. Now you're making me curious..!
  2. UniqueBuilder

    The Kennedy-Lincoln connection.

    Seriously, guys. EB is not the place for politics and certainly not the place for conspiracy theories. Damn, we've got a troublemaker...
  3. UniqueBuilder

    Happy birthday Unique Builder!

    Thank you, everybody! First thing I did as eighteen was to register my own company and file a request to buy methanol and dichloromethane at the police office. Then I bought some beer and cigarettes. Feels good man! Thanks, but it's the wrong brand... Hey, I like beer... I drank a Frydenlund Bayer today and I also have an ice cold Frydenlund Pilsner waiting for me in the fridge... Only thing that sucks is that I'm allergic to beer... The doctors are clueless! Edit: I see that I have a new title. I bet it's the work of you, green hair? Cheers!
  4. UniqueBuilder

    What's with the staff's usernames?

    Smurf along... There's nothing to smurf here...
  5. UniqueBuilder

    EB Members Title Archive

    Typing "00F8" and then hitting alt + x also works, but somehow it reverts after a short time. Where's the webmaster? Booo!
  6. UniqueBuilder

    EB Members Title Archive

    Time for an update... "Rodsprit junkie" - Given to me by Captain Green Hair after some pictures of me drinking something remniscient of denatured alcohol ("R
  7. UniqueBuilder

    Random things about me and about you.

    Hello. I live in Norway, and it's a great country. * I'm a social democrat. * I oppose the European Union and I'm fighting against a Norwegian membership. * I'm an atheist. * I love to get drunk on moonshine and cheap beer. But I also appreciate good quality whisky and vodka. * I want cannabis to be decriminalized or legalized in Norway. There's no point in having such a mild drug fueling organized crime. * I'm in my Dark Ages, which means I'm not really into LEGO anymore. What the heck am I doing writing on this forum then? * I think I have AD/HD, but I'm not diagnosed. Sometimes I really think I could use some medication, though... * I love chemistry, mathematics and physics and I study all the three subjects at school. I have top grades in chemistry and physics. * At home I have my own chemistry lab where I do various kinds of reactions (No drugs, I HATE drug cooks). * I had a period where I was into amateur pyrotechnics, but that's over now. I think however I'm going to make some fireworks for the next new year's eve. * I know next to nothing about computers. The specs of a processor tell me very little. I wish I knew more about stuff like this... * I love Nintendo, especially the Legend of Zelda series. * ...But I also love StarCraft. * The only televised sport I can stand to watch is professional, Korean StarCraft competitions. I love it. * I used to be an active alpine skier in competitions, but I quit because I'm lazy and I sucked. I still love downhill competitions, though. 90 km/h om 2 meter skis feels absolutely awesome. * Now I only ride twintip skis. * I play the bass in a semi-serious punk band and in a very unserious improvised black metal band. * I can't stand people from "
  8. UniqueBuilder

    What are you listening to?

    G.G. Allin - Expose Yourself to Kids
  9. UniqueBuilder

    Staff are Staff

    Oh, and by the way: You will respect my AUTHORITAH!
  10. UniqueBuilder

    Staff are Staff

    > Click button > Write whatever you'd like to report > All staff members are notified about it and will look into the matter.
  11. UniqueBuilder

    Is anyone else collecting the Indy theme?

    Of course there are people collecting the Indy theme. But that doesn't mean we need a whole topic just so people can say "I collect the indy theme" for the whole world to know. Also, this is the wrong forum. *Puts a big padlock on the topic*
  12. UniqueBuilder

    What are you afraid of?

    Dimethylmercury and other strong poisons, like cyanides, azides, fluorides and cyanogen halides. They really creep me out.
  13. UniqueBuilder

    What are you listening to?

    Rush - Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Such a brilliant masterpiece!! When our eerie world was young The struggle of the Ancients first began The Gods of Love and Reason Sought alone to rule the fate of man
  14. UniqueBuilder

    I finaly got a job

    You obviously haven't had a real job. How about 15$ per hour?
  15. UniqueBuilder

    Trains, and nothing but trains