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MOC: Mercedes van, Mercedes GD, APE and police car

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Here is a load of old MOC's

First off is a Mercedes 508. The wheels are a bit big, and it has a couple of yellow lights on the back because i was out of white 1x1 bricks when i built it. So now it's an off-road van with rear work lights :classic: It can seat 2 minifigs in the front, and has lots of lovely space in the back.


Next is a lovely little red Mercedes Gelände Wagen. i don't have much to say about it. It can seat 2 minifigs in the front.



And here is a Piaggio APE. I love this little silly looking things. I couldn't fit a steering wheel in there because of the SNOT attachment of the front wheel, but it might be possible with some of the newer 1x2 brackets, i just don't have any.


And last, but not least, a generic police cruiser. It fits 2 figs in the front(minus hats) and 2 in the back. I was running low on white parts when I made it, so it has some odd colors in some places. I put the two 1x2 slopes on the front bumper in stead of cheese slopes and a 1x4 tile. This allows the option of adding rams, or what ever it is those Americans have on there, and the "police" tile fitted in between so nicely.


This concludes the first batch of treasures from my basement :classic: Please let me know what you think :classic:

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I like the screen usage on the police car. The crooks could climb out the sides though!! :look: The wagon is good too, as are the rest.

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Thanks for the comments folks :classic: I found this other half finished Fiat Ducato van on my latest expedition in my basement. I thought making a new topic for this would be a little much, and it goes pretty well with the other vans.


Please let me know what you think of it :classic:

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