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Review: 30213 Gandalf poly-bag promo

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Review: 30213 Gandalf Polybag

Hi this is my first review so be kind,

It is the Gandalf poly-bag from the daily mail promotion

Price: 90p for the daily mail,

Type : polybag

Set Number:30213

Year of Release: 2013


First we will start with a picture of the baggie, a basic one as far as I know,



Here is a picture of the contents, I thought this was brilliant for the price and a nice surprise that it was not a lone figure.



A random page of the instructions is next, easy to distinguish colours and no problems reading a very easy build.


-missing a in build photo but its only a few parts-


A nice little build with a spear, dark green vine , printed map tile (y) dark brown torch and new flame piece (as oppose to the older one)


Design: 6/10 Quite a bit crammed into a 90p set!

Build: 4/10

Playability: 6/10 Head swapping, Spiders , spears a map? all sorts of adventures to have here!

Minifigures: 10/10 Cannot fault gandalf!

Price: 10/10 Superb value

Overall: 10/10 for 90p I could not ask for more!

Conclusion: Brilliant set love it when a nice little set comes up cheap and easy to get!

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Doesn't this go in Historic?

Yes, it does......I'll contact a moderator.

Anyway, neat little review of a neat little set......of course it's the minifig that sells it.

Brick On Review On 'Legopast' ! :grin:

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