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Captain Settle

Tolswick Guard House

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As part of my ongoing "Tolswick defense project" I am putting small guard houses up around the town.

These cost less and are quicker to build than walls. This build was inspired by SoccerKid.



I used a tile and 1x1 stud technique on the front. The roof looks weird and flat in this picture, but in real life it looks better, and is made with log bricks.



I ran out of studs quickly, so soon I only had headlight bricks. That is why the tiles are so flat.



The roof lifts up too see inside. As you can see, I have not yet completed the interior, but all those studs facing in are just begging for a brown tile wooden wall.

Thanks for looking and please put some C&C!

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Ooh I inspired something :grin:

Very cool build, I might lessen the angle on some of the tiles in the front, it looks a little messy as is. They don't have to be perfectly vertical or horizontal, just not crazily angled.

The lift up roof is a nice feature and some brown tile on the inside would look great :thumbup:

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I really like the front view, but the tiles just right of the door, and the tiles on the side are a bit too symmetrical IMO. Of course you had already mentioned that you had to switch to headlights which would explain it. Nice build!

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