Future of SW Contest:New Times, Old Stories

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I know I don't post a lot, but I saw this contest, and I thought I might as well try, you know? Anyway, here is my entry. Enjoy:

"12 years after the fall of the Empire, Han Solo marries Princess Leia. 8 years later, on an unidentified planet, Han Solo and his young son are enjoying a game of catch in a field. When Han overthrows his son, the ball rolls into the forest behind them. They both chase after, but suddenly freeze once they catch up to it. There is something up ahead. Is it an A-Wing? Han's son hops on top of it to look around. He yells: "Dad, what is this stuff?" But Han is already deep in though, examining the helmet in front of him......."


An overview shot


Han Solo examining the helmet


Han Solo's son examining the A-Wing


The remains of the engines.


Another shot of the A-Wing.

I'm currently having a lot of trouble with the pictures, I'm aware. I just wanted to put this out and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please look at my Brickshelf folder for my images:

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