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  1. maedhros1980

    May 4th offers

    Interesting, the poster was probably going in the trash either way. I guess they ran out of the Yoda posters. I want a Han Holo. ;-)
  2. maedhros1980

    May 4th offers

    I got the Chima set too. And the Han minifig. The poster was a collectible minifig poster, showing all the collectible minifig. Is that really what the May the 4th poster is? I don't realy care if it isn't, just curious beasue it has nothing to do with Star Wars.
  3. maedhros1980

    Are Star Wars MOC Builders becoming a dying breed?

    So you don't think there is a Star Wars aesthetic? There is no doubt in my mind that there is. Just like there is a Star Trek aesthetic or a TRON aesthetic, etc. I think it is a lot of fun to see people use their imagination to build something that would fit snugly into the Star Wars universe. That was what I liked so much about the FBTB bounty hunter contests. You could tell which entries were trying to fit into Star Wars and which weren't. It was fun. Sure there might be someone who comes along and says something is a Star Wars ship that looks nothing like Star Wars, but when someone nails it, it is really cool. Even the Collectible Minifig Podracer contest were Star Wars MOCs even though they were silly. Any custom Podracer is a Star Wars MOC, because podracers only exist in the Star Wars universe.
  4. maedhros1980

    Are Star Wars MOC Builders becoming a dying breed?

    I've built a lot of Star Wars MOCs over the last year. Mostly posted on Flickr and all EU stuff or stuff I've made up. I guess there are some who wouldn't consider them Star Wars, because they aren't vehicles from the movies. That doesn't bother me at all. It is fun for me to try to build something original, but still distinctly Star Wars. I like to build the official sets too, but they get torn down pretty quickly, to use my imagination to build something else. That is what makes LEGO so enjoyable to me. I can't believe there are so many people saying they aren't building because other people have done it better or bigger or with more picture editing. I always find well done MOCs with good presentation to be inspiring, not intimidating. It isn't a contest (well, not always). Have fun and build. Also, I feel that there are more MOCers posting elsewhere, Flickr and MOCpages than here.
  5. maedhros1980

    Future of SW Contest: Small Category Voting Thread

    5. Sparkart - Boba's Back.....Pack - 2 points - I just really like this build. 14. Lobot - The Resurrection of the Emperor - 1 point - The lighting is cool and the cavernous feel comes out well. 17. Naugem - A Moment In Coruscant - 1 point - The forced perspective was a good idea and fairly well done. I kind of wish there was a spaceship docked or flying by, but still good. 18. Pablo94 - The Statue of Darth Vader - 1 point - Excellent shaping on the statue. I have to say though that this "memorial" would probably be bombed the week after it opened. Vader might have turned light in the end, but he was a mass murderer before that.
  6. maedhros1980

    Future of SW Contest: Large Category Voting Thread

    11. sunnyx - T5-B Heavy Ion Tank - 2 points - The story is lacking for sure, but the build with all the power functions is on a different level of complexity than the rest. 12. pedro - Escape from Nar Shaddaa - 3 points - This build has it all, action, Jedi, creatures, speeders, ships, etc. and it is all well done. Overall a lot of nice, fun builds. Good job everyone.
  7. maedhros1980

    Future of SW Contest (Main): Ice Field Chase

    Thanks for the compliment. I don't think I'll be creating directions. I could take a couple pictures of the inards possibly though, maybe give you a pretty good idea of how to get there. Thanks.
  8. maedhros1980

    MSFC : Survivors

    This was one of my favorites. If I would have been able to vote for it I would have. Nice job.
  9. maedhros1980

    MSFC: Invasion!

    I think I commented on flickr, but the builds falling down are a really cool effect. Nothing beats a little armegedon MOC.
  10. maedhros1980

    MSFC Iron Giant

    I actually haven't seen the movie, but I recgonized this instantly. Well done.
  11. maedhros1980

    FAPC : Pigs VS Cows

    The cow udders are what really separate this mech from others. They crack me up. Nice job on the build.
  12. maedhros1980

    FAPC Duh-Nuh

    The shape and theme of this build are awesome. Well deserved placing.
  13. maedhros1980

    Future of SW Contest (Main): Ice Field Chase

    naugem, pedro, Esurient: Thanks guys. Thanks for the soundtrack derpingsworth.
  14. maedhros1980

    Future of SW Contest: Escape from Nar Shaddaa

    I guess everyone with Boba in there Future of Stars MOC is right, Boba is going to be back (click here). Though, not exactly a part of the new trilogy... so maybe pseudo-right.
  15. Cool idea to have the micro city in the background.