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  1. Paddyb98

    [MOC] Miscellaneous Train Projects

    Looks great! You wouldn't happen to be from LI? I love seeing my hometown railroad get some representation.
  2. Paddyb98

    [MOC] Blue Mountain & Reading #425

    Nicely Done! Was the blue color prototype some kind of railroading pun on the name of Blue Mountain and Reading RR?
  3. Paddyb98

    Charity Auction MOC

    Very Well done! Great to see that the hobby being used for something other than personal enjoyment. Are the instructions for your other engines still for sale on Bricklink?
  4. Paddyb98

    Moc: Diesel Engine

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. And thanks to you dr_spock for that info. Mucj appreciated.
  5. Paddyb98

    Moc: Diesel Engine

    I agree with that it would look a little better had the black plates not be their, but The bogie had trouvle on curves without the plates. Also, dr_spock I honestly have no idea what the abbreviations stand for, so I cant comment on that. I too would've like the body to be moved back, but I don't think I'll keep this MOC built for long enough for it to matter (good things to come soon).
  6. Paddyb98

    Moc: Diesel Engine

    Hi all, I have a new MOC for everyone to see. I never have built a big diesel engine. (Or any big engine for that matter ) But I decided to end that. Having a surplus of red bricks, the engine is built in a red/ white color. I believe pictures are worth a thousand words, so without further ado here are the photos: I tried to incorporate elements from the Hobby Train, as that set inspired this MoC. I would've liked to have moved the body back a few studs, but I didn't feel like disassembly the entire thing again. I really like the look of the 3-wheel bogie, even though they undergo some stress on curves. I also have yet to figure out a way to power it, so throwing all the power functions into a boxcar may be the final power solution. Also, in reference to the subtitle, does anyone know a website that can clarify all these confusing abbreviations for diesel engines? As always, comments questions and arguing is encouraged.
  7. Paddyb98

    (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    Absolutely Amazing! I love it!
  8. Paddyb98

    MOC: SBRR Station

    Thanks Joe, the praise is always appreciated. As for the security, let's just say those lego city criminals won't be messing with the railroad anymore...
  9. Paddyb98

    MOC: SBRR Station

    Hello all, story time! After receiving the Cargo Railway set from eBay, I felt it deserved a great place to stay. Something better than the dusty old 9v rails it ways on. Something Big. Something station-like! A few weeks later, I built a new station for the Southern Basement Railroad. And then I took it apart and rebuilt it. And then I rebuilt it again. And again. I rebuilt it about 5 times, to be exact.... Inspiration from this came from various posts on Eurobricks. I hope you guys enjoy. It's a beautiful day in South Basement. As a train pulls into the station, many exciting things are going on. This is an ariel shot of the station. Over here we see Dave hard at work loading the cargo. The highlight of the station is the new fountain. Here's a better view of the fountain. Here we see a view of both tracks. The platform side is used constantly, but the other side was there previously and isn't used. The far track only is only used to hold the occasional freight car like this one. Near the end of the far track is part of a meandering stream. I would think that water is really contaminated from being near diesel trains, but that isn't stopping this young fellow. Here are a few final shots of the station. Ans finally, South Basement's finest are ever vigilant. Flickr link: I hope you all enjoyed. As always, comments, questions, and flames are welcomed and encouraged.
  10. Paddyb98

    Operation Overlord

    Although the tittle made me think this was a D-Day MOC, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how well this was done. Nice Job!
  11. Paddyb98

    Help with 9v cargo railway

    I put some electrical tape over the individual wires that were exposed, and it seems to be working now. I be back in a little bit to find out if this was a good solution.
  12. Paddyb98

    Help with 9v cargo railway

    I just recieved a opy of set 4559, cargo railway. I immediately went out and put it together, but he train wouldn't run. The connection piece the runs from the regulator to the track has exposed metal where the rubber degraded. The regulator light Is bright when the track isn't connected to it, but when they are connected, the light becomes dim? Any help?
  13. Paddyb98

    Lego Alderaan: A rather surprising MOC

    Oh crap, they worked before but now I see their gone too. I'll have to fix them in them morning, because it's 11 o'clock here......
  14. Paddyb98


    Nice; I like it.
  15. Hello all, I was watching A New Hope a few days ago and, well, inspiration struck me. As it says on wookiepedia, "Originally the home of the Killiks, Alderaan was later conquered by Humans. Despite a battle during the Great Galactic War and a civil war during the subsequent Cold War, Alderaan remained peaceful during much of galactic history. However, in 0 BBY, Grand Moff Tarkin and the Galactic Empire wanted to intimidate the galaxy into submission, and destroyed the unarmed and peaceful planet using the first Death Star's superlaser." LEGO ALDERAAN, Here she is in all of her beauty. This easily uses more pieces then anything else I've ever built. Try to find one or two the poor souls who lives were destroyed in this moment. This picture was taken from a freighter on the far side of the planet just after the blast. Side note: this was a joke. I ask nicely that I am not dragged to the town square and stoned by the public as punishment. And as always, Comment, Question, and Flaming in welcome and encouraged.