[MOC]The 9500 TIE Advanced: story of my first MOC

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I'm fairly new to Lego so I don't have a lot of parts to mess around with. So I got the idea to create another model based on one of my kits: the 9500 Sith Fury-class interceptor.

As I had the cockpit-dome it needed to be something TIE-ish, and I've always liked the TIE Advanced. This was purely built on memory, I did not look up the model or use any reference materials. I knew I'd only get frustrated by the lack of parts I could use so I didn't bother to make it as accurate as possible.

I based the cockpit partly on the original 9500 cockpit but needed to make some serious adjustments to make it fit properly, and get it the exact shape I wanted.

The hardest part were the wings and their inclination: there are very good / easy ways to make this, and I had some very good ideas for a future build - but the right parts just weren't there. So I had to improvise, making the construction a bit feeble. It's good for displaying purposes but not for playing.

In the end I even had some bricks left to make a minimal stand.

I hope you guys enjoy it, I mightmake an LDD version and put it on here, too (if there's demand).

Edit: download the LDD file here.

Some pics:







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Good job! That's one impressive alternate model. Yeah, it's not accurate but I think it still looks fantastic and I can tell you put a lot of thought into how it was built. I am impressed with the results considering your limited brick selection and you've got some interesting building techniques in there! Can't wait to see what else you build when you have even more bricks to play with!

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Are all these pieces from the Sith Fury? What sets did you use? Either way I think it looks amazing given the lack of perfect part selection.

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Thanks for the comments guys. All parts come from the 9500 Sith Fury Interceptor. Nothing was added and I had quite a bit of spares.

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