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  1. BrickieB

    [MOD/MOC] Abarth 1000TCR based on 10271

    I made some further changes to the interiour, engine, rollcage, doors and some other minor things and I'm happy with the results. In the mean time I've finished this MOC and as promised the .io file can be downloaded here. Some more renders:
  2. Just like Carlo Abarth took a small Fiat to create the 1000TCR race version, I took the 10271 Fiat 500 and modded it into the Abarth 1000TCR. The base of the original model still exists, but a lot of the sub-builds were changed to lower the car, make the bonnet more sleek, adjust the front bumper, doors, rear wheel arches, and bootlid. The roof was closed, the interiour scrapped, and a bucket seat / fire extinguisher / roll cage were added. Finally the engine got the Abarth treatment - of course. The model still needs some tweaking here and there, I'm open to cc if you have any suggestions. Mainly I'm looking for a better way to attach the rear wheel arches, need to have another look at the way the roll cage is connected in the rear and need to fit some hoses and details to the engine. Currently it only exists in in this colour setting, I do have the model built with about 90% correct bricks but I'm missing some in the correct colours, which I need to order so I can build the model for display purposes ;) The .io file will be made available when I'm happy with the result. Below are some screenshots and renders, let me know what you think!
  3. BrickieB

    Review: Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson

    Yep, that's the one. Don't wait too long, it'll be out of stores soon :)
  4. BrickieB

    Review: Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson

    Found a rider that fits!
  5. Hi guys, I just got this set last week and finished the build yesterday. I really like the mods here, will surely apply them. I have a few more things I changed: - Don't like the look of blue pins on the black body parts, so changed them in these areas: sideskirts, where the small black tubes are fit onto the pins to create curves (front and rear), as much as possible anywhere else - Don't like the way the whale tail in the rear connects to the body, but this fix was really easy: where the small #21 & # 22 fins connect to the body: remove both pins and just let the fins hang freely. They automatically follow the curvature of the body. Next, insert both pins onto the lowest free holes in the spoilermount-arms. The lid will close a bit higher, but still nicely aligns with the body and the whale tail. As a finishing touch, I also flipped the pins with ball ends upside down so they're no longer visible. - The grey axles in the centres of the rear lights look off, replaced them with 2L red ones, looks a lot better. I will try to post pictures of these small mods and others as soon as possible. Keep the suggestions coming! :)
  6. I got it on November 6th, after registering on the waiting list in the store about 10 mins or so after they opened op September 14th.
  7. I was on the local waiting list and got the call this afternoon. I've picked it up later and now I finally have my falcon! Now to find the time to build the beast :) Happy camper!
  8. BrickieB

    Next UCS Set

    It's too small. I'd prefer something the size of Marshal Banana's crawler, or even half that size.
  9. BrickieB

    Next UCS Set

    I'd like to see anything they haven't had yet in UCS size: Luke's speeder, A-wing, probe droid, home one, medical frigate ... Or re-makes of some sets that are too old / not up to my standards ;): ISD, SSD, sandcrawler, Y-wing, Vader's TIE Advanced, Death star 2, ... Preferably OT of course. A Finalizer the size of the old ISD would also be nice. Or Kylo's shuttle in minifig size.
  10. My thoughts exactly: 'Buy this pen and get a free ipad! - so sorry, all out of pens... You can buy the pen after the promotion ends, so unfortunately you won't get the iPad.'
  11. I wasn't going to complain about this as I am a patient person, but today I got really mad at TLG about the whole shortage debacle. I took the day off work to get to the lego store (Belgium) on VIP release day, to be able to get a kit. I got there shortly before the store opened, but there were a lot of people in front of me already. They had a waiting list, so I got on there. I called them a few times to see how much I had moved up on the list - but it wasn't enough to be able to buy one yet. Today, I went to the store and they said they weren't expecting deliveries anymore this year. This is not a disaster for me, I am a patient person after all. However, this also means I would not be entitled to the black card and the unclear advantages it brings, as I will not be able to buy the kit this year. This makes me really, really mad. There is nothing more I could have done to get one (couldn't get to the store earlier (say 2 hours before opening time) as I have kids that need to get to school on a weekday, too). I could not order it online as I was queuing in the store at the time they appeared on the website, and by the time I got home they were sold out. TLG lure you to the store with promises of the collectible cards, some star wars goodies, the black VIP-card, .... and when push comes to shove they don't even have a third of the kits needed to meet demand in the first second (literally) of the release. So now, I patiently continue to wait until Lego will let me part with €850 of my hard-earned cash and grant me the privilege of getting a shot at buying a toy kit... Sorry about the rant, I know lots of people have the same problem and you've all heard it before. I just think TLG made a huge mistake here, letting a lot of the fans down. I can't believe they are so out of touch with their customer base that they allowed this to happen - not used to that from them. I hope they make amends, by extending the black card offer and offering the same benefits they promised 'early buyers' or something.
  12. I've had the small Y-wing (9495) for some time now, but I still love the UCS version. As I'm slowly working on a collection of UCS spaceships I feel the Y-Wing should be present too. Now, with the new movie I suppose a re-release won't happen anytime soon so it's worth bricklinking it. As you may know, it can be found second hand at prices of around €500-700 - or a lot more. I'm not prepared to pay this amount for this ship. I like it, but piece count dictates a price of around €150 so bricklinking it should be easy enough, and a lot cheaper. I started by looking at the parts I already had in inventory and I came at about 40%. Of course, the remaining 60% would be the hard to get items, so I was prepared to make a few changes. The idea is to make the model as intended (or close to it) at first, and then mod it to my satisfaction. I would not do this if I had bought the original, but as it will not be identical to the released model anyway I will improve it. First complication: hard-to-get items. There are a few of these. - The white tube parts (78c02) that make the sticks towards the rear of the engines. These are still available but very expensive (over €1 each at this time, and you need 112 of them!) I replaced them with 6538b, which were available new at about € 0,12-0,20 each at the time I ordered them (last year). Unfortunately, these too have become hard to get now - and very expensive. - The wheels at the rear of the engines (32077). These were only used in white on this model. You can find them in silver but that would mean you had to paint them (eww!). So I found an alternative in part 2903 which is easy to find in white. It's the same diameter but only half the width. This actually appealed to me, as I find the original wheels to be too wide. - All the tubes as greebling on the top of the ship are hard to find in the correct lengths and colours. So I used Reddish Brown 6L bars where possible, and ordered longer reddish brown / LBG bars which were cut to length for the other bars needed. - The 2x8 slopes in DBG are not that hard to get, but none of the stores I ordered from had them in stock. However, I had some 2x4 DBG slopes which I used, and they worked perfectly. - 1x2 Bricks with handle (30236) are very uncommon in Dark Orange - I've seen prices of €16 each! I was thinking of taking these in reddish brown colour or tan ones. I ordered both colours but stuck with reddish brown as it's closer to the original. - Same goes for the Dark Orange grille-tiles. I have replaced these with gold ones. - A bit of a weird piece: Light Bluish Gray Slope, Inverted 45 6 x 4 Double with Recessed Center (30183). Luckily, I managed to replicate this with parts I had in my inventory, so there was no need to buy them. (1x 60219 + 2x 64799 did the trick) - Tan 1x1 plates with clip were not so easy to find either, so I chose gold ones to match my grille tiles. - I could actually use the windscreen from my smaller Y-wing. The only problem is that it doesn't have the white roof, but I can live with that. - White Technic, Axle Connector with Axle Hole (32039) is also hard to find, that's been replaced by LBG ones, which again I already had. In my model, I could also replace them by white piece 32013 - I haven't done so yet. Second complication: small changes to improve on the model. Mainly the long sticks towards the rear of the engines. As I was already going to use different parts to 'thicken' those sticks, I wasn't depending on cross axles to support the original tube bits. So I could move the connections to the engines slightly to make for a better, more continuous part. Another consideration is replacing the parts you won't see anyway. I'm thinking of (for example) black 1x16 bricks where they could really be any colour, or yellow 2x2 bricks with a pin poking out, you don't see a thing of this either. So these can be replaced by different colours - or even different parts. It is very hard for me to put a price on this model: I had a lot of the parts already, and I also ordered parts for other projects with these orders to save on shipping. One of these projects is Anio's Venator which needs a lot of plates - which are very expensive. If I was to guess I'd say I have about €150 into the Y-wing. Below are some pictures, I welcome your thoughts, questions and comments!
  13. BrickieB

    [WIP] Finally building my own SSD

    Thanks for the kind comments, guys! I'll post an update pic (or pics) when there's something to report. I could make a third stand but that does not align with my view on the finished model. :) Total length is about 145c now. But after I took the pics, in order to fix the sagging middle, I completely redesigned the spine of the hull. Needs a little more work, though ;)
  14. BrickieB

    [WIP] Finally building my own SSD

    So here are my progress-pics I promised. First, a global overview. I finished the base of where my city will be. Here's a (sort of) top down pic to see the dimensions of the ship. It's not 100% perfect but still a whole lot better than the Lego one. Opened up. The top halves of the hull rest on the bottom halves. But the city base is also a seperate part. There are multiple reasons: my frame is 3 bricks wide, but it's sort of annoying to build on a surface that's shifted half a stud. It's also easier to build the city when it's not connected to the rest of the ship. It reduces weight and vulnerability of the ship, makes repairs easier, and allows me to flip the ship upside down to work on the engine area. So lots of advantages! Another view... The rear end of the ship. As you can see it's sagging a little in the middle, I'm still going to fix that. Another view of the rear. The mounting spots for the engine bay are in place, but the engine bay is not built yet. Here is a more detailed pic of the sagging middle. I will be able to fix this by adding material to the wings, but I needed to wait until I knew what plates I would have left after building the rest of the ship. So when the rough enginebay work is done I will be able to reinforce these parts. Hopefully this will also tighten up the nose section. One of the advantages of my detachable hull / city: easy access to the bottom of the ship. One of my stands is bright red: I used parts that are not part of the SSD kits, and this way it's easy to recognize them. For the final model these will be black. Another bottom-up view of the hull. The rear support used to be in the middle of the plates, but I had to move it to the back because the weight of the engines would be too much for the frame, bending or tipping the model.