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Review: 30195 FXX from Lego Ferrari and Shell

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It's my first review here so please bear with me. Long time lurker, big Lego Ferrari fan. Today I'm gonna review one of the Shell Promotional sets, 30195 (FXX)


The set comes with 56 pcs. (including the pull-back chassis of course), an instruction leaflet, and a sticker sheet. Pretty straightforward.




The only piece that intrigued me was the nose/hood of the car. It's similar to the nose of 30190, only difference is it's black.


As with the other Shell Promo sets, it's pretty much a 5-minute build.


I ended up with 4 extra pcs after building, although that 2x3 light grey pc seems pretty big for an extra pc.


Without stickers, it's pretty plain and nothing like the original FXX


So yeah, stickers are a MUST in this set, unlike the 30192 and 30194 which have printed bricks (not sure about 30195 since I don't have one yet)


What's that in the background? Why, it's his big brother 8156 of course!



Design: 4/5 - pretty much at par with the details considering its size. Stickers suck though.

Parts: 3/5 - nothing special here, and the unique brick doesn't seem really useful outside of Tiny Turbos.

Build: 3/5 - solid build from the door to the front. can't say the same about the spoiler, which detaches with relative ease.

Playability: 4/5 - pull-back motor makes it highly playable, but the sturdiness (or lack thereof) of the spoiler could be a concern

Price: 3.5/5 - considering how one could get these plus the fact that its details are mostly stickered, it's one of the promo sets which has less bang for the buck

Overall: 3.5/5

Cheers Eurobricks! hope you enjoyed my first review here ever. :)

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kamusta kapatid!

great review, where's the other sets?


I haven't gotten the Berlinetta and the F150 Italia yet. i'll be posting the 30192 and 30194 within the week.

updated: i was so overwhelmed by work a while ago i thought i posted the FXX comment on another forum lolz

Edited by adik_sa_lego

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