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Hello all,

Just found this site...I've been building Lego's since the mid 60's. My father was from Denmark and my grandparents would send me Lego sets every year for Christmas. None of my friends at the time even knew what Lego's were. You had to go to high end, specialty toy shops just to find them. I probably played with Lego's until I was 11 or 12 then put them away until I had kids of my own and they were old enough. I got out the old bricks for them to play with and they loved them just as much as I did.

In the interim I moved on to RC planes, helicopters and cars as well as HO trains and plastic scale models. I never lost my love for Legos, however. Even though I didn't actively build them myself I bought more than enough sets for my son. His preference is the Star Wars theme. We initially built these sets together until he was able to go it on his own.

Now I'm getting bit by the bug and this time around it's Lego trains and Technic sets for me. I see the older Technic sets on ebay and I cringe at the prices knowing I could have bought them new if only.......

I still have those 1960's vintage bricks in my my 6 y/o daughter has started putting them together.

But of course, most of you have already heard my story a thousand times now.



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Welcome to Eurobricks Jeff! :classic: Wonderful for you to have a rich background of 60's LEGOs and Denmark heritage.

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