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  1. Maniac4Legos

    Lucky LEGO finds

    In Stop and Shop I found City 4x4 and Diving Boat slightly opened and reduced to $10! Only one part was missing, the orange boat (not in a sealed bag), so I placed an order for a missing piece and got it from LEGO! At Toys R Us I was allowed access to a Bricktober Theater promo set! It sat on the shelf as a regular store item, and the manager ovverode the scanning error (intended to prevent purchases of the set prior to release date, October 5, 2014). I didn't ask for it to be ovverode, the manager did it themselves. Review for it here! At Toys R Us I found a Batman DS accessory pack for $0.04! Price when scanned, originally more than $7.99, great find! Review of it here, before anyone else publicly sees:
  2. Maniac4Legos

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    If these appear in stores this year, it will be around the holiday season (roughly December 2014). At this point it would make sense in LEGO's typical marketing waves for them to appear at the next available time - holiday season wave. Plus, new LEGO at this time might help boost the interest to non-Bionicle fans. It's very common for new themes (or continuation of old themes) to appear in the December wave, compared to a March or August wave, in that more themes are typically introduced in December compared to other season waves.
  3. Maniac4Legos

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    For the brief moment the Tuskens on screen, they scared me when I was younger. But looking at them now... http://www.sideshowt...press04-001.jpg They're not so bad. I actually liked the first LEGO version of these guys, well done for detail on the torso and head, and I'm lucky to own them. https://www.thedaily.../b000rtvfto.png I know Star Wars strives for accuracy, but I actually liked these without molded heads at first. I didn't see the new versions so I hope they live up to and improve on the original. (If anyone already talked about these figures in visual comparison I apologize, I didn't read every post of this forum.)
  4. Goodbye Eurobricks. I won't miss you.

  5. Goodbye Eurobricks. I won't miss you.

  6. Maniac4Legos

    Hello! My name is Joey

    Hello everyone, This is Maniac4Bricks, my new username for most sites (couldn't figure out how to change it here). I'm just posting a note to say that I am deactivating myself from this community. It's a great resource for finding and discussing LEGO information, but to be honest, it's too overwhelming for me. I've had conflicts with people who use this site, and I think it's best that I stay away from here. I'm sorry everyone. Goodbye. Maybe someday I will return, but no promises it will be soon, unless conflicts are resolved. Play well, Maniac4Bricks
  7. Maniac4Legos

    The end of Shouting Win Kid?

    Are going to list sets without the shouting win kid? 70160 has the green ninja. 60032 has a firefighter. Play well, Maniac4Bricks :)
  8. Maniac4Legos

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Thank you for the information! Sounds like a quick and easy game, which seems a little disappointing to me compared to it's Agents predecessor on the LEGO website. I'll look into it before reviewing the sets!
  9. This is true, but I know for a fact that he is primarily a Marvel fan. Not saying that he can't buy DC stuff also, but I'd be surprised if he was interested in a DC game, especially this late in the trilogy (counting Batman: The Videogame as #1 of course). Thanks for showing my image! I find them on the LEGOBatmanGame account on Instagram and repost them to Flickr, Twitter and Instagram Play well, Maniac4Bricks :)
  10. Maniac4Legos

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Thanks for the information! I'll look on the App Store and see if it's available!
  11. You seem interested in this game. Are you getting it?
  12. Maniac4Legos

    Ninjago 2014

    Don't worry about being ninja'd! I thought you told me you weren't trying to be the most popular :(
  13. Maniac4Legos

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Since when are we getting 2015 batman set info? Very nice find bud! Also you have off today? I took care of it. Sorry. I didn't see the discussion posted. See my revised reply above.
  14. Now that we have information about Batman 3 (which I expected after the success and the ending of Batman 2), it's time to ask some important questions about the game. We only have one image of the Batman outfits (other than the trailer) but what other outfits could be included in this game? What could possibly be the promotional figure for the games preorder release? What areas will be explored in this new game since it no longer takes place in Gotham city? Who can we expect will be boss levels in this game? Will there be a change or advance of any current superhero powers? What type of vehicles should we expect the superheroes to use in space? What type of many kits would be created for each level? Could we see any signs of Batman's gallery of villains in space?
  15. Maniac4Legos

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Sorry about replying here! I didn't see the other discussion first. Being on an iPhone has it's limits for seeing Eurobricks after all. I can't scroll to the end of the discussion quickly. Sorry. I deleted it and posted that reply elsewhere. Play well, Maniac4Bricks