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[MOC] AJ-6 Airspeeder

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I have been a while thinking about how to deal the construction of this speeder. Recently, I bought some Ninjago sets with the necessary bricks. The big yellow brick from the Pizza Planet Truck is perfect for the front side, but was a real jigsaw to fit it.





I based the model in this pictures, mainly.







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Neat MOC! You definitely chose some great parts for the engines and the front slope.

However, there are some areas that really could use improvement. For instance, the flat section in the front isn't very flat and appears far too low relative to the engines. In the picture you provided the vertical center of the engines is about lined up with the flat section that runs along the front and sides, but in yours the engines bulge up above these areas. The solution will surely involve working with some less friendly measurements, since the overall width of this part of the speeder will be an odd number of studs, but I think the vehicle as a whole will benefit.

The back section is also nice but uses a lot of slopes for parts which in pictures are smooth or mostly smooth. Simplifying this might require parts you don't have, but it will make a great improvement to the overall model if you can do so. For example, the many cheese slopes used in the back could be replaced with 1x6 slopes for a less bumpy look.

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